What are your fitness goals? Post 'em here!

  1. So what are your fitness goals? What are you looking to achieve within the next few months? Post 'em here!

    I'd like to increase my running mileage. Last fall I was up to 18-20 miles per week, but I had an injury and ended up with 8 weeks of physical therapy and had to stop running completely. I'm up to about 10 miles per week now, I'd like to get up to 12-14.

    Revamp my leg routine. I hate working my legs. Right now it consists of split lunges with two 20 lb dumbbells, straight-legged deadlifts with a 60 lb barbell and squats on the smith machine set to around 110 lbs, all 3 sets of 12 to 14 reps. Last week I added step-ups, and I'm doing 25 minutes on the stairmaster once a week. I'm hoping this well help tone my rear-end :shame: It could use a lift. If anyone has any suggestions, that would be awesome :nuts:

    What are you all looking to get out of your workout? :nuts:
  2. - Lose 30 lbs by the end of July
    - Reduce size of love handles =)
    - Add more step things to increase intensity for step class
  3. 1. Doing more cardio. Finding a better balance between work and working out.
    2. Eating more natural foods, less processed foods, less sugar
    3. I'd love to do a triathlon this Fall.
    4. Get my 6 pack back.
    5. Recover from my knee injury which has been preventing me from enjoying a lot of sports that I love.
    6. Losing 10 lbs would be great too!

    I'm looking at yours and realizing that I need to be more specific about my goals. I would be thrilled if I got my mileage runtime down back to 8 min miles for 10 miles. Recovering from my knee thing means that I am slow as a tortoise. :sad:
  4. I used to be a competitive athlete- an injury forced me to stop and I got way lazy. Now I would like to get back on a routine. I don't have big goals, but I would like the following:

    - Swim 4 times a week. Up the yardage to about 3,000 meters a workout.
    - Spin 3 times a week
    - Do some weights, for the injured arm and the legs
  5. Increase core strength.

    Keep current routine (spinning and abs 5 days a week, plus weights on three of those days) -- without sustaining any injuries.

    For me the biggest challenge is working hard consistently without getting hurt. Have knee issues and very tight QL's, plus tend to get elbow and wrist problems with weights.
  6. I sometimes have wrist problems with weights, specifically my right wrist. I wonder what causes that? And if there is anything to help alleviate the symptoms.
  7. Dang, you girls put me to shame. I'm pretty much a sloth. I want to lose 10 pounds (that would put me underweight but that's my goad) and have a flat stomach. I have a layer of fat there that gets prominent after I've eaten a lot.
  8. My goal is another 10 pounds. I need to increase my cardio workouts to at least 4-5 times a week. And my roommate taught me circuit training with weights where you just to 1 minute intervals of one strength training exercise to another. And omg that works you out! I've been really lazy with my workouts, so I have been compensating by eating less for now.
  9. i want to lose a lot of pounds.. gosh, so munch I can't even think of it.. but for now, 15 lbs.. I guess, takign it one at a time.. with that in mind... let me hit my stationary bike and exercise for a bit.. be back soon...
  10. I need this thread!

    1. Loose the last 10 pounds of my pregnancy weight. (and maybe another 5 if I am on a roll) I put on almost 50 pounds during pregnancy, and have already lost 40! But this last little bit is driving me NUTS!
    2. Do more cardio
    3. Do more pilates (continue with private 1X per week, but need to do reformer at home 2X per week on top of that!)
    4. Eat better! Need to cut out sugar- that is my downfall!
    5. Need to eat all my meals. No skipping- must eat 5-6 small meals per day.
  11. Well, right now I'm pretty much right on track, training for future triathlons...running about 18 mi's every other day but want to bump it up to about 20 mi's. I'm currently working on my swimming too. Right now I can do about a mile.....want to work on longer distances ;) . Let's see, what else?? Oh yea, and maintaining my 7 meals/day. It's harder than you think!!!
  12. I have knee issues, but when I do weights, the pain in my right elbow really hurts! I probably have tennis elbow too, come to think of it, oh well... I'm just getting more and more broken as I get older. :sad:
  13. -My short term goals are to lose 30 pounds
    -My long term goals are to eat healthier, like vegetables, water and natural juices, lean protein
    -Also I want to learn how to workout properly, like I go to the gym but I do 35 min cardio and some weights but not really knowing what to do other than that
  14. My new job starts on Thursday, I have early mornings off so I am getting back on my stepper and my treadmill.
    I would like to wear some low cut jeans and a top and not feel embarassed of anything sticking out.
  15. Well, this last month I lost 10lbs... and I'd like to lose another 30 (or more!) by my birthday (July 22nd). I've already worked out my eating habits, so I guess just stick to that... oh, and I have a goal to cut out soda. I only drink Diet Coke, but still... bad, bad, bad.

    Good luck reaching your goals everyone!!!