What are your feelings on trends?

  1. Do you follow them? Buy them? Wear them? Choose from what you like, and the hell with what is "in" or "out"?

    I tend to buy mostly classic items. I occasionally will incorporate a trend if it's something I really like and would buy anyway and something that I think won't look dated in the future. But in general, I can't seem to justify spending money on things that I know I will only wear for a season. There always seems to be something better to use my clothing dollars for, like a new pair of black pants I will wear forever, or a classic ankle boot instead of a trendy platform version. Maybe if one day I was truly happy with my wardrobe and didn't feel there was anything else I NEEDED, I would be more comfortable buying trendy items but it's just not the case right now.

    Plus, I frankly find the whole fashion cycle a bit exhausting to keep up with :wtf: It's hard enough for me to just make sure I look good every day and have nice, well-fitting, well cared for clothing items in good condition to wear that I feel stylish and good in, without worrying about having to cycle certain items in and out with the trends.

    What do you think/do? If you follow trends, how do you do it? Buy cheaper items if you know they will be trendy? Maybe go for trendy accessories and classic clothing? Curious to hear everyone's take. :flowers:

  2. I don't really go for trends as 'm pretty much into basics and jeans, but some trends are pretty cool. Although, I think some trends are biased, meaning that some may only be suitable for one body type instead of a wide range of them. In my whole life I think I've only followed three trends.
  3. I start them whenever I feel like it. ;)
  4. I've been into fashion since I was a kid. I blame it on my Mom who is an incredible seamstress and sewed most of my brothers' and my clothes growing up. I loved going to the fabric store with her, getting to pick out patterns, helping her cut or pin a few pieces when she was getting ready to sew. I've also devoured magazines since my youth as well, and I had one grandmother who was a pro at knitting and crocheting, and another who was a champion shopper. Lots of great influences!

    So, I do appreciate trends and following what's in and what's not, but I know my style and figure well enough to either adopt a trend to fit ME, or bypass it all together if it's not flattering. Clothing is a huge investment for me, and I like to choose pieces that will have a lot of versatility and not go out of style in 10 minutes. I guess you could say I'm "classic with a twist" style-wise.
  5. don't care for it.

    i love fashion, but to be dressed like the mass is bor-ing.

    last year i was at american apparel and i wanted to buy something that was like tights, but more cloth like, thicker material but still form fitting and maybe footless.

    i wanted to wear it with an oversized sweater

    i never got around to it because i was lazy then, and when i did, everyone was wearing it so i never did that trend.

    i always try to look for creative ways to dress. i know i'm never going to stand that far away from the crowd (because i don't like everyone staring at me!) but i want to be able to wear the same thing that girl is wearing, but no one could really tell unless they took the time because i wore it differently

    of course that hardly works for jackets. or jeans.

    but tank tops, some knit tops and depending on what dress/skirt it is i can alter it.

    i think that in general people should follow this rule: dress in what you like and looks good on you. if you are someone who wants to be known as fashionable then stick to that rule, only, never wear the same outfit more then twice <- for someone who isn't paris hilton rich i think you can get away with wearing the same outfit twice in a lifetime, afterall, she did it too! ;)
  6. Yes I follow the trends, but only get the key pieces for the season.
    I mix them with the rest of my wardrobe which is my own style, clothes I have been wearing for years. -Like leggings under an old dress, to rock it !-
    I can buy expensive clothes if I know I'll be wearing them for years, investment in quality & tailoring. Otherwise the key pieces come from H&M and Zara, so I don't waiste money in something that'll be out in 6 months.
    BUT I have noticed that trends loop very quickly, so the skinny jeans and leggings I bought in 2003 (for the 1st wave of 80's comeback) were out in 04- and back now.
    My leopard skirt from 99, back now ! Same for the colours of fall 98 (bordeaux, purple). So I often find in my closet something to mix n match according to the actual trend.

    Also there is magazine trends and streets trends, I have noticed people don't follow that much magazine trends but more their "neighbours", so you can still stand out by dearing the mags trends. YKWIM ??
  7. I follow the trends avidly, but I adjust them to suit me. Nothing is ever going to suit everybody, but you can often incorporate a trend in even a small detail such as a belt, hat, hairband etc etc.

    I prefer the classics for daytime, you still cannot beat a great jacket and some good fitting trousers, but I am much braver in the evening :biggrin:
  8. I wear what I feel like. I don't like wearing what everyone else is wearing. I would rather be mocked for my eccentricity than look like everyone else. I usually default to certain looks that I've always worn. Sometimes I incorporate trends but not literally. Plus, I tend to be a few months to a season (or two) ahead of the trends. (I see the NY runway shows and whatever I love and am inspired by, I dress towards that direction. Plus fashion is so cyclical. Trends literally come back every 2-3 years.)

    I'm starting to dress in clothes that work for my body. I am more conscientious of fit. I "rescued" a gold down-to-there Gucci tinsel dress from Fall 2000 that, if chopped to a mini, would be perfect with all that gold Casino mafia princess attitude Gucci has this season. But I won't wear it because it's too large for me now.

    The biggest complement anyone has ever given me was by one of the leading forces in designer fashion retail (she brought Balenciaga, Lanvin, etc. to the States). She told me that I just "get" fashion. So I must be doing something right! :biggrin:
  9. When I was in my 20's, I paid NO attention to trends. I just didn't care. I bought just whatever was on the rack....usually classic styles because it was too much trouble to think about how to look trendy.

    Now, however, at 32 (and married with 2 kids) and I *suddenly* feel the need to keep up with the trends. This change in me almost happened overnight. If I had to psychoanalyze myself, I'd guess that I was starting to be more conscious of my frumpiness and aging appearance....and one way to combat that was to update my look. Which included getting a few hot handbags....which led me to PS!

    So all this trend-following is brand new to me...I'd say within the last year or so. And you know what? It's been FUN!!! It makes me feel young and hip and more attractive somehow. It has really energized me.

    As for HOW I keep up with the trends, well, my mantra is to wear only ONE trend at a time....or two at most but only if they're subtle enough. And only if they are flattering to me. I don't want to look like a walking trend-whore and so I make sure that my approach is light-handed. I tend to buy the trendy stuff sparingly and use them only as wardrobe accents, i.e. I have only one pair of leggings, one pair of knee-boots, and 2 or 3 of those swingy empire-waisted shirts.
  10. I don't really follow trends cause I think I'd go crazy if so :P
    if I see something I like I buy it..and I use it as much as I want even if it's time has passed :biggrin:
    What matters is how YOU feel about the item ;)
  11. I sooo agree with this. I see so many people on the streets here which, instead of inspiring me with admiration for their look, instead make me go "ok, time to play 'count the trends'! 1...2...3...4..."

  12. I don't really keep up too much with the trend on clothes either. I'd buy one or two key pieces that I know I'd wear for years. For example, the sweater dress paired with leggings. I love this look so I brought a quality cashmere sweater... No matter what, I'd rather splurge on nice quality handbags than clothes.
  13. Trends are alright as long as you look good.
  14. i read somewhere that if you want to buy a trend piece, better stick to the color black...
  15. i don't really follow trends, but i do love to buy fashion magazine for inspiration.
    but usually i mixes them with my own style to get a personalized look.
    actually, i kinda avoid trends, i don't like to wear something that 1000 people wore.