What are your favourite/least favourite LV names?

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  1. I thought this would be a fun thread:P .
    I think that the cutest, nicest, most romantic or classy names of LV bags are:
    -Le Talenteux and actually all of the Suhali names (L'Extravagant, etc.)
    -Pont Neuf
    I will add to this as I think of more.
    Names I dislike:
    I am not crazy about the name 'Astropill' at all...
  2. Duomo (The name sounds weird, but I love the bag)
  3. like:

    Pont neuf
    Sac Plat
  4. My dislike is Boulogne.......reminds me of bologne when I see the name. :lol:
  5. Generally i love all names, i dislike Looping, Tompkins, Noe, Sac Plat, Triana, Uzes, Tribeca, Onatah
  6. my favorite is all the suhali lines, L'Extravagant, i like how theyre interpreted in english too!

    also like papillion, damier, Takashi Murakami LOL, Sac de Nuit,

    my least favorite is... astropill^^ i agree
  7. my fave is L'Extravagant and Eye Dare You - it really suits the bag :P

    i really think Wapity is such a silly name. unless someone enlightens me as to the origin of this name :shame:

    i love that they name most bags after places. it just perpetuates LV's relationship to all things travel.
  8. I love "Wapity"...just so cute!
  9. Favs are all suhali line, papillon, speedy, manhattan, houston, vertigenuse, and most of the LE names. They're very creative.

    Least are astropill, boulogne, bucket, looping, and onatah.
  10. my favorite...Popincourt!
  11. Least Favorite= Tulum
    Favorites= Wapity, Houston, Jasmin, Lexington
  12. I dislike Cabas for some reason
  13. Like:

    Sac Plat
  14. Sac plat.......sounds like it was dropped from a roof.
    Love the Suhali names, & most of the Epi ones too.
    Pappilon & the Eye Love You, all the "Eye" names are good.
  15. Fun thread!

    Favs: Batignolles, Illovo, Papillon

    Least Favs: Montsouris, Leonor, Lodge, Boulonge, Babylone, and Montsouris
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