What are your favorite Zoya nail polish shades?

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  1. I didn't see a thread specifically about Zoya shades so I thought I would start one. I don't have any Zoya shades yet but would really like to try some and I'd like some recommendations from the Zoya gals here. So what are your favorite Zoya shades and why?
  2. Zoya has an extremely long wear time on me. I currently have 13 polishes, I'd say my favs are Jacy and Irene. Jacy is described as a metallic purple with magenta red highlights, very pretty! Irene is a green metallic, I don't have another color like this!

    I just ordered 3 polishes from their spring collection Cassi, Moxie and Harley. You might want to check out their new collection, it's amazing!
  3. ^^ Ooh those sound like really nice shades! I was on their website and their shade selection is absolutely head spinning, it's like, where do I start? I saw their new spring collection too, I really like the shade Cassi, let me know how you like it when you get it!
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  5. I have two:
    Cheri (my namesake) which is a shimmery pinky coral color
    Freja is a shimmery charcoal gray color

    I'm looking to get Lael next (a dark purple creme)
  6. ^^ Ooh, I love the Cheri one, so pretty!
  7. I sent in some old OPI's for the Zoya polish exchange, and I picked Zara, Trixie, Raven, Freja, Kotori, and Suvi. Zara is an amazing color. It's a light purple with gold shimmer. If you want to see some really good swatches of a variety of Zoya shades, try nailgal.com or scrangie.com.
  8. ^^ Where were you able to do a nail polish swap? Makeupalley?

    I've seen Zara, and I WANT IT! It's a very pretty shade.
  9. The polish exchange is a promotion by Zoya. You fill out a form on Zoya's website, and they e-mail the exchange form. You fill out the exchange form and mail it along with your old bottles of polish (new or used, any brand other than Zoya, minimum 6, maximum 200) and $3 processing and handling per bottle you will be receiving. I sent in six old bottle of OPI, the form, and $18 last week. I can't wait to get my six new Zoyas. Packages must be received by 2/28/09. Here's a link to get you started:

  10. ^^ Wow, what a cool deal! I might have to check that out!
  11. Some of the gals from the nail board on Makeupalley have already had their new polishes shipped to them. I guess Zoya notifies you via e-mail and gives you a tracking number (they ship your new bottle to you via UPS). Lucky them. I am still waiting on mine.
  12. Well please post when you get them and let me know how you like them!
  13. I will certainly do that! I can even swatch the polishes and post pics.
  14. Yes please do! I LOVE looking at swatches, plus it will help me fine tune my first order with them, because they really have a TON of shades that I want!
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