What are your favorite types of threads here?

  1. I really enjoy the ones that start off talking/asking about one thing, and then people will post their personal stories about the topic, or somewhat about the topic. Then things get a little off topic, start a whole new conversation about something else, then end up back on topic. Makes for an interesting read.

    I also really like the food and animal threads.

    Oh the the Purse Secret Posts is my new favorite.
  2. I like the ones that are already closed, but involve soooo much drama with So Faking Banned members! :p Horrible, I know, but it's just too interesting to see what's gone on...the lies, etc.

    And Purse Secret is definitely my new favorite. Tink's Barbie thread is also great!
  3. PETA threads. :p

    Or threads with lots of pictures.
  4. Those are definitely a guilty pleasure for me too :shame:.

    I like the threads that instigate a lot of discussion, regardless of what it's about. I really like it when people share different milestones/changes in their lives/achievements/etc. It just makes tPF feel so cozy/family-like. I also really like threads when people rant about something that happened during the day, maybe for the same reason as before.

    Also, maybe this is because I'm such a Apple-addict, but I secretly love the threads where people are considering getting a Mac. It's a little bizarre, I know, I don't even understand it myself.:weird:
  5. I like threads with cute stories, or nice pictures of animals. I also like the threads in the Jewlery Box that are like 'I got a new ___!"
    I also like threads that are like "How do you do this?" or "What do you use for this?"
  6. I like threads that make me think of stuff I never thought of... or other people that have the same problem that I do. It makes me feel like I'm not alone. Oh, and of course threads with happy endings!
  7. I like threads with lots of pictures and helpful advice.

    My favorite threads are in the Christian Louboutin forum usually. I love the General discussion and Beauty Bar too.
  8. :lol:
  9. The (new) purse secret thread. it is a great outlet.
    .food (what are you cooking etc..)
    .i am thankful for
    .look what i bought! here's my new so & so
    threads with pictures to help guide and choose our next anything
  10. I have a lot of favorites but I guess the ones I continuously always check are the Purse Blog and Animalicious.
  11. Emily, I know what your thinking;)
    Haha the recent one.. one word Drama!


    I love ones with lots of pictures:yes: