What are your favorite tips for cleaning your Tokis?

  1. I got a used L'Amore bag and I am working on trying to restore it to its former glory. I have been using the magic eraser, but it still needs a lot of work.

    Does anyone have any tips for cleaning the straps or the leather?

    Post your favorite tips for cleaning your Tokis and we can all share ways to keep our bags lovely. :yes:
  2. I actually cleaned my l'amore bella not too long ago. I used the tide pen and it worked VERY well, looks brand new again. For the straps I used the magic eraser and that worked perfectly.
  3. magic eraser~ RUB RUB RUB. sometimes the dirt is stubborn and doesnt want to move... just attack it xD

    tide pens work great too :smile:
  4. Which Magic Erasers do you all use? I bought the Original, but are the stronger ones more effective?
  5. i've only used the original one, not sure if the other ones would clean better
  6. i bought the stronger magic eraser and got my paradisco campeggio reALLY CLEAN!
  7. is that what you call it? magic eraser? wow didnt know it was safe to use on leather.. im really angry that i used a gel cleaner ( even tho it said that its good for leather ) and ruined the leather strap. It's not THAT bad but you know.. lol still, makes me super angry when i see it. :p

    is there a brand name for the magic eraser?

    if i may ask resin, where did you buy yours? i always keep forgetting to check out the supermarkets here in richmond.
  8. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  9. Ok, here is an update: Last night I hand washed the straps with a "Free and Clear" laundry detergent and now that they are dry they look great! I compared them to the straps on my new L'Amore Campeggio and they look new again. :tup:

    The only thing I haven't been able to siuccessfully clean are the marks on the leather - any tips on that? TIA!
  10. Try alcohol-free baby wipes. I once wore a pair of brand new jeans with a fairly new Louis Vuitton. The blue dye transferred onto the vachetta where the purse was rubbing my leg. The baby wipes got the dye completely off the vachetta. Make sure you use ALCOHOL-FREE. I think the alcohol could dry and damage the leather. (The baby wipes are a popular favorite for cleaning vachetta over in the LV forum... although I haven't been there in months since I discovered Tokidoki :graucho:)
  11. Stain Experts-- help! I got lipstick on my Denaro (frequent problem). In the past I've used dish detergent and have worked it into the stain using a scrub brush, but the stain I've got right now has faded slightly but won't budge. I tried magic eraser, too-- no luck. Please advise.
  12. Frequent problem? Do you love them so much you keep kissing them?:love:
    <sorry, couldn't resist>

    Sorry, I don't know. I have a stubborn stain too... on 2 of my caramellas. Inside my purse they rubbed against my black coach wallet and some of the dye came off the wallet. I got most off with Magic Eraser, but there are some tiny marks that just won't budge no matter how hard I scrub. I since wiped off all the leather trim on my coach wallet with baby wipes. The wipes were covered in black at first, but I think I got off all the excess dye and now my current caramella in the purse doesn't seem to be getting the transfer. You'd think coach would be made better than to rub dye off on other things. Gee whiz!:tdown:

  13. Very funny, QueenLou! ;)

    Actually I do love Denaros enough to kiss them, but I try to show some restraint. My lipstick (Aveda brand, which tends to cake up a bit on the outside of the tube when not in use) rolls around in my purse and wreaks havoc on everything inside. I try to keep the lipstick apart from the Denaro, but it doesn't always work out. I don't understand how people keep Toki interiors on the solid bags and Caramellas clean, either, btw. Makeup is a destroyer!

    I think I read something about alcohol working well on lipstick, so maybe I'll try some of that on the stain. But I still need your household hints, so bring 'em on!
  14. ^ I don't have any hints for getting out the lipstick... but maybe for future prevention, keep the lipstick inside a make-up pouch or small zip-loc bag.
  15. i don't know what's the most effective but i do love oxy clean spray. :smile:

    i also think prevention is the best way to keep these babies clean.. scotchguard it and you'll never have to worry about it!