What are your favorite parts of each print?

  1. "Good Placement" is so subjective since we all are looking for different things and I thought it would be fun to talk about our favorite parts of every print. :smile:

    Here are mine:

    Foresta - the rainbow snake with the monkey on his head and the little white fluffy bird in the nest
    Citta - SUPERBOY!!! and the cute little planes
    L'Amore - Bastardino and Polpettina
    Paradiso - the girl with the pug and the blue haired rocker boy
    Inferno - the tree scene
    Pirata - the pirate ships and the sharks and the little parrots
    Spiaggia - Gatto the spiky cat and the surfing monkey
    Trasporto - the school bus, the canoe, the squirrel and her baby and the skateboarding pig

    Those are all the prints I have so far. :p
  2. Foresta: the middle scene that has least top of the trees and pond scene ;) but my fav chars on there are the female sasquatch and the rainbow snake with brown monkey on it =)

    Inferno: the little green pond and the scene below the tree that includes a skeleton brushing his teeth and the black kitty :biggrin: oh and i think the guy eating ice cream is the cutest thing ever =)

    Playground ( tan ) - the one with the girl wearing blue looking back at us with all the birds, rainbows and nano stars around her.

    Playground Cammo - practically anything that must include the two lattes on the rainbow and bastardino =) i love most chars on here tho..

    Paradiso - must include the pink girl and angel boy putting up stars with the birds around them :smile:

    Vacanze - practically almost any placement haha.. that doesnt include open spaces =) i definitely want the little hedgehog as visible as possible though! :biggrin: i just dont like weird open spaces ..

    Original - Any placement as long as the "spaces" are justified, but my fave is the part with a lotta "glittery" stars and rainbows around =) ( oh and just wanna avoid the yellow cactus kid though but shes ok lol )
  3. Oh fun :]

    Pirata - The treasure! I love all the little gems, coins, message in a bottle & the octopus couple.

    Paradiso - Sushi boy! Especially the sushi, lol.

    Tutti - Mozz, the cactus boy next to her, the bullet, & rainbow cloud (The cactus boy is my FAVE toki character...so i love that tutti blows him up!!)

    L'amore - Sandy&cactus boy(!!), sushis, green tea...basically most of the print I LOVE.

    Trasporto - Swan couple, air balloon, rocket adios, train, mostly everything except for the section with the wrestling guy/gas guy/etc.

    Inferno - Ice cream devils, pink swamp devil
  4. these are the parts i enjoy most:

    original print: rainbow scene (i luv the red tulip with the vampire teeth and the blue tulip sliding down the rainbow, and the latte as well)

    l'amore: the milk cow characters

    inferno: pink ipod girl and the devil ovens.

    paradiso: the girl with the pug, the rocker boy and the girl with the pink hair. the sushi also amuses me...

    vacanze: the penguins and the character in the cow suit singing. also the white sasquatch.
  5. Tan PG - any full cut of the girls
    Olive/Black Cammo PG - lattes, birds and peppers
    Foresta - sasquatches, monkeys, bluebirds and crabs
    Citta/Citta Rosa - monkey on the scooter, popcorn guy and motorcycle chick
    Inferno - devil bunnies, black cat w/bones, iPod girl, mummy boy, oven scenes
    Paradiso - coconut girl, rocker boy and sushi boy
    Adios Star - any cut with lots of characters
    Pirata - any full cut of the girls, monkeys, parrots, crabs, sharks, octopus couple and mermaids
    Spiaggia - unicorn, Collesium sand castle and coral scene with sea urchin
    L'Amore - suchi couple, tea cup, coffee cups and peppers
    Tutti - girl with demon tat, bubble girl, momo bella and iPod girl
    Trasporto - squirrel mama and baby, swan boat and cherries on bike
  6. inferno: the swamp scene, toothbrushers, ovens, ghosts
    paradiso: sushi and video gamer
    foresta: the sasquatch (spelling... lol)
    vancanze: abdominable snowman, kitty sewing with the yarn sheep, penguins, the lollipop in the tree, green elf with ornament
    pirata: the crab with a hook for a claw xD (lolol) the monkeys!
  7. foresta: tiger, goldfish, and sasquatch (sp?)
    citta: girls and girl on cloud/cloudia
    inferno: ipod girl, cats, and bullets
    paradiso: girl on cloud, girl with pug, sushi
    pirata: mermaid! and parrots
    as: chili pepers and latte
    l'amore: green tea, birds, goldfish
    spiagga: bikini girl, urchin, unicorn!
    tutti: girls
    trasporto: squirrel mamma and baby
    vacanze: honey bear, girl in lamb and boy in wolf, penguins

    I guess I like mythical creatures since the mermaid and unicorn are my absolute fave!
  8. foresta- monkeys, bluebird, apples, turtle
    inferno- mummy boy, bullets
    AS- latte and rainbows, and i like the sumo baby
    L'amore- green tea, sushi, momo bella and serpents
    pirata- mermaid, sharks and the parrots
    spiaggia- unicorn
    tutti- the angry cloud, momo bella
  9. oooh, this is fun:

    original print - green and red cactus kid and rainbow
    foresta - tokidoki hearts carved in trees and wooden log with antlers
    citta - girls other than pink haired one and one on motorcycle
    inferno - pink i-pod girl and oven and kitties around her
    paradiso - kids building snowmen and yellow and red tulips beside them
    pirata - pirate kitty on island w/volcano
    adios star - fantasmino
    l'amore - butterflies and adios/ciao ciao
    spiaggia - gatto, jamaican boy and adios surfing
    tutti - i-pod girl and girl blowing bubbles
    trasporto - devil driving school bus,couple in swan, and girl bouncing on peach
    vacanze - kitty knitting from lamb and adios snowboarding
  10. op-sandy & latte
    tan pg-brown skined girl w/ koi tattoo
    citta & cr-pink haired girl "PINKY"
    paradiso-little boxer
    inferno-ipod girl
    adios star-sandy
    pirata-pirate gals
    lamore-adios/ciao ciao
    spiaggia-jelly fish with visor and the 2 tattoo girls
    famiglia-ipod devil and angel
    tutti-tattoo girls, bubble girl, ipod devil & sandy
    trasporto-scoula bus
    vacanze-eskimo girl
  11. Citta/Citta Rosa - Pink haired girl, piggy bank hot air balloon, king kong, super-boy, super-baby
    Foresta - Smiling monkey w/ banana, monkey with bow behind ear by the coi pond
    Inferno - Pizza devils & mummy
    Paradiso - Cloudia, pug girl, girl drinking from coconut
    L'amore - Adios & Ciao Ciao
    Spiaggia - Adios surfing, Ciao Ciao, reindeer, shark boy
    Tutti - Freckle-faced cactus kid
    Trasporto - Jeep guys, hot air balloon, kid in the bat outfit
    Vacanze - Penguins, reindeer, adios snow-boarding, medieval knights, yeti
  12. citta - planes, pink haired girl
    foresta - middle scene, blue bird
    tan pg - all the girls
    paradiso - baby in tub, baby on rainbow
    inferno - pizza oven, and mostly everything!
    vacanze - gingerbread house, caroler
    tutti - mozzarella
    transporto - school bus
    pirata - octopus
    spiaggia - pineapple, none of the girls
  13. Citta- The Blimp.
    Spiaggia- The Sea Urchin, Plane Boy, and Seahorse
    Paradiso- Sushi Boy, Computer Kid
  14. tan pg - pinkhaired girl, asian + black girls, lattes, sandy
    l'amore - sushi, coffee, tea, lattes, sandy+her bf, butterflies :heart:
    inferno - ipod devil girls, cats, tree, heart w/ bandaid (anything but the red guys)
    paradiso - girl w/ pug, girl w/ monkey, sushi boy, mozzarella, pink-haired girl w/ stars & rainbow
    citta/citta rosa - pink haired girl, guys @ bottom (popcorn, monkey on scooter, etc.), airplanes!!
    pirata - purple haired girl sitting down, love octupi, momo bella star
    adios star - lattes, sandy, rainbow w/ clouds, polpettina + bastardino
    foresta - sandy, female sasquatch
    spiaggia - unicorn, jellyfish, dolphins + fish with heart bubble, girl buried in the sand w/ sunkissed cheeks, deer
    tutti - mozzarella, latte, sandy, bastardino, ipod girl, rainbow w/ clouds
    vacanze - penguins, lambs/sheep, wolf
  15. OP: latte
    Foresta: monkeys, Bruce (the shark with the bone b/w his teeth)
    Citta: planes, blue superhero
    Paradiso: red flower & reflection, kids making a snowman, sushi guy
    Inferno: toothbrushing skeleton, italian devil
    Pirata: monkeys, message bottles
    Adios Star: rainbow cloud, latte
    L'Amore: teacup & teabag
    Spiaggia: monkey & Adios on surfboard
    Tutti: Mozzarella, latte, Adios, bullets, band-aid heart
    Trasporto: boy with a bowl-cut pumping gas
    Vacanze: snowman, gelato bear