What Are Your Favorite Little Luxuries?

  1. I just put on my chenille slipper socks, and I was thinking, they only cost $3.99, but they feel like heaven on my feet! So now, I am wondering, what are your favorite luxuries or ways that you treat yourself?

    I also love really nice herbal teas- I must always have a variety in stock. Oh, and not a day goes by that I don't eat a piece of chocolate! :drool: Share some of yours, please! :smile:
  2. Life is Good Pj's....just my favs!! My blanky I use around the house. It is the softest most comfy blanket EVER!!! Vaseline intensive care bubble bath. I have used it since I was 15!! Its cheap and I LOVE IT! My other favorite thing (dont laugh) is my water cooler...I do not know what I would do with out it!! I always have water in my hand!! Im sure there are more...but that is a few.
  3. Lake Champlain Chocs. I'm a real cheapo and buy only like 2 at a time, but those Five Star bars are soooo good.
  4. Manicure and pedicure. My hands and feet will tell you I just don't do enough of this!! I'm such a lazy girl when it comes to treating myself!! LOL.

    But when I do, I feel like a million dollars! ;)
  5. 600+ threadcount sheets! Normally can find these on smartbargains or overstock for good discounts. :smile:
  6. ^:yes:
  7. Starbucks and of course a mani and pedi.:yes:
  8. I love just coming home and putting one of those fitted black hanes tshirts with a pair of drawstring men's plaid pjs. I wear skirts and heels alllll the time, everyday, so throwing on that in the evening feels great!! Cheap luxury hah the shirts are like $5 a pack and the pants I buy on super-sale at places like Belk; last pair were $2.50 :biggrin:

    Lip products I'm the same with; I wear lipstick with pretty gloss all day, come home, wipe it off, and put on either: Body shop shimmer fruit flavored gloss in satsuma, mint, or cranberry, Soft Lips French Vanilla, or Body Shop grapefruit lip butter.

    Other than that, no matter how low on cash I am, I always have plenty of bottled water around in specific brands and cartons of strawberries...because I could not live without strawberries!!! :sweatdrop:
  9. Great bedding and down comforter.
    Really nice cosmetic cases: I love knowing there's a gorgeous little case holding all my goodies when I am at home, at my BFs or traveling. I've really invested in these this year!
  10. the softest charmin toilet paper! haha it's so worth it to pay a few more cents for really soft and comfy toilet paper.
  11. I buy flavored creamer for my coffee. It tastes so good, and while there's nothing better than curling up on the couch and being able to sip yummy coffee, it makes it feel like a luxury even if I'm taking it with me to work in a to-go mug.
  12. Good coffee -- I like to buy green beans from www.sweetmarias.com and roast them myself in an old popcorn popper that SO converted to a coffee roaster -- with nice cream, no fat free or artificially flavored stuff.

    That and I change the sheets twice a week.
  13. I like to treat myself to pinkberry whenever I get a chance. I can never say no to dessert!
  14. My skirt collection! I am an avid fan of skirt too, besides handbags and I collected a lot ever since I was a teenager!
  15. I like to treat myself with coldstone ice cream.