What are your favorite light weight bags...

  1. that you can wear on your shoulder? I think I prefer a bag that has the option to be worn on the shoulder if desired, and I like one that isn't too heavy....

    so give me some suggestions? I just got a gorgeous Rebecca Minkoff matinee but I dont know if its right for me
  2. I have a really great Marc Andrew hobo with cord handles that I love and is lightweight. I can't remeber its name but it comes in about three colors. I have light brown with dark brown handles. Good luck.
  3. LeSportSac! Love them for travel.
  4. tano!
  5. I just bought a LAMB rasta commodore and it is surprisingly light. I thought the big L lock on the front would make it heavy, but it isn't. Then again, maybe it's just because my hype bag I've been carrying around for a while is SO heavy..
  6. Balenciaga Day or City with the shoulder strap, and Anna Corinna City Tote.
  7. Ive been lusting after a Balenciaga..I think DH would have a heart attack though lol
  8. Longchamp le pliage.
    Un Apres Midi de Chien.
    Bottega Veneta.
  9. A Bal, or a YSL - I love them both!
  10. Bulga bags are lightweight, buttery and some have shoulder straps.:tup:
  11. my lv neverfull GM is pretty light
  12. Balenciaga! So light and comfy to carry!

    The LV Neverfull and BH/BV are also really light.
  13. Balenciaga! It's so light and easy to carry.
  14. another vote for the bbag.
  15. balenciaga or prada nylon or tod's nylon....