What are your favorite Celebrity Gossip sites?

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  1. I'm curious about where people get their gossip fix.

    I am a fan of Go Fug Yourself (who isn't?) and the LJ community Oh No You Didn't.

    Even though it doesn't update too much, I also like www.awfulplasticsurgery.com

    What are some of your faves?
  2. thesuperficial.com has funny, sarcastic commentary
  3. I have you guys know about, perezhilton.com? It is one of the best one. It is so funny, and sarcastic! Great pics, too. Also I love E! the awful truth, just marvelous.
  4. That's the one I read!!!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. pinkisthenewblog.com!
  6. socialitelife.com
  7. perez !

    And LJ's ohnotheydidnt is awesome
  8. Go Perez! Go Perez! I love that guy - he's such a sell-out, and darn proud of it. Funny as Hell!

    I'm also quite partial to the Fug Girls too.;)
  9. All of those.....but I usually find out from one of my BFF, she'll tell me when I see her.
  10. love perez, socailites life, the superficial, popstar, and bricks and stones
  11. I read pinkisthenewblog and bricks and stones, I also like to check celebweb.org for pics of celebs to see what they are wearing.
  12. dlisted.blogspot.com and cakeandice-cream.blogspot.com
  13. gotta love pink is the new blog and fug