What are your favorite canned soups?

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  1. I like Amy's Organic canned soup line... especially the "Corn Chowder."
    You can buy this at Whole Foods but its kind of pricey... almost $3 a can.

  2. ^ I think my Costco carries that, but I've never tried it.

    I REALLY like Campbells Select Chicken Tortilla Soup. It's loaded with salt-- like an insane amount-- but it only has 130 calories a serving. I like it with a tiny bit of avocado puree, sour cream and shredded cheese. For ~200 calories it makes a delicious meal! I love Campbells Chicken and Stars with Ritz crackers, too!

    As far as canned soup, I can't really think of any others I like except Spaghetti-O's (with or without meatballs :lol:). Yeah, I know it's gross :shame:

    I like stuff like Mrs Grass' Chicken Soup and Manischiewitz matzo ball soup, but they come in boxes. And I loveTop Ramen!
  3. I really stay away from any canned soup because of the HIGH sodium. But my fave all time soup is my moms split pean and ham with barley. Oh I need to call her for a vat now!! LOL
  4. i cant eat canned soup. so my fav quickies (esp when im sick) are

    Tomato Soup: one can chicken broth, one can tomato sauce, heat & season

    Chicken Noodle: Chicken broth, orzo (w/ a little pasta water), & some store bought roasted chicken
  5. I try to get the one with the least amount of Sodium.....

    Tomato Soup with garlic bread....so good (I don't know who makes it, but it's in a cardboard box).
  6. I've been spoiled by homemade soups all my life, so not a huge fan of canned. I guess if I had to choose, it would either be vegetarian vegetable or tomato soup from Campbell's.
  7. Campbell's Select Italian wedding
  8. Eh I hate canned soup.
  9. I try to avoid canned soups, I do always have some Tabachnick soups on hand, I have a couple versions I like, a couple have been disappointing though. I do love that you can only heat up one serving instead of an entire can.

  10. I cannot believe that someone else admitted to liking Spaghettios! I used to adore them, but have not had them since I was eight. My housekeeper added water to the mix believing it was a can of condensed soup!:lol:

    I really don't like to eat soup, I hate the instant "BLOAT" yes, i'm crazy! However, I do love some soups. I used to live off of Lipton cup of soup, they used to have a very light version of like 15-20 cals per cup.

    Nothing compares to my Baba's homemade matzoh ball soup, so golden and salty with homemade egg noodles!
  11. ^:shame:
    Yeh, I'm not a picky eater. At all. Like to a ridiculous extent....
  12. Campbell's Chunky in Italian Chicken, Tortellini or Turkey.
  13. I like homemade soups much better (my dad and grandma EXCEL at this). But me, not having inherited the cooking skills, usually go for Campbell's mushroom cream or chicken and rice soup. The low-sodium version!
  14. I am liking the Progresso Weight Watchers 0 point varieties of vegetable soup...