What are your fave Bath & Body Works products??


Jul 30, 2006
Ok - I know it certainly isn't a new store for you gals, but B&BW recently came to Canada and I feel like I'm a kid in a candy store. I'm looking through their new online site that allows Canadians to order and I can't decide what to get!

Can peeps let me know what are their favourite, bestselling products from this store? I've heard so much about them for such a long time - I'm just at a loss to decide where to start! The only thing I've actually tried which I adore is the Co Bigelow Mentha Lip tints - but there is so much to explore and I'd love to learn about from gals in the know! :lol:



Sep 26, 2006
My favorite scent ever from B&BW is pink grapefruit. It's been discontinued though, so I'm super sad!! I think they might still have the scent in their wall flowers though.

I love their antibacterial soap!! They always have a special going on for it.

Their True Blue Spa line is pretty good too. I like the "Look Ma, New Hands" cream. Although it has paraffin in it, so I don't know how you feel about that. But makes your hands feel amazingly soft.

By the way, I love Aritzia!!
Aug 14, 2006
I love B&BW.. whenever I go to the US I always make sure that I'm going somewhere with one (which really isn't hard, lol). We don't have one in Calgary so I've had to take a few day trips to West Ed for it.

I love their soaps, I have them in each bathroom all the time. I like the moisturizing ones but it's hard to clean them off vessel sinks so I stick to the foaming and regular anti-bacterial ones. I also love their lotions, hand sanitizing products, shower gels, bubble baths, wallflowers. You name it!

My favourite scents are Tropical Passionfruit, Warm Vanilla Sugar, Coconut Lime Verbena, Midnight Pomegranate and Black Raspberry Vanilla.


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Dec 14, 2008
MUST try scents: Juniper Breeze, Moonlight Path, Midnight Pomegranate, Wild Honeysuckle, Cherry Blossom (not Blushing, not Japanese, just plain), Sweet Pea. I've been using the shower gels in various scents since I was in the 5th or 6th grade (yeah, my mom got that habit started early, lol).

Oh, and I don't think they have it all the time, but look for anything scented in Jaqua Buttercream Frosting, or Pink Buttercream Frosting. I mean, if you're into food smells. Normally I'm really not, but that one is just divine. Does anyone else miss the Tutti Dolci lip glosses? They were so tasty.


Zoey, quit whining!
Dec 14, 2008
Oh, I forgot, the true blue spa line has a lotion called Tahiti, Sweetie that not only smells wonderful, but is awesome after you shave your legs. Makes them baby soft. Basically any lotion you buy from them is wonderful. And do they still make the lotions that make your skin literally feel like silk?

OK, I'm done now.


Jan 25, 2008
The anti bacterial foaming handwash is a must! I have it at every sink. Pink grapefruit was the best.

The bubble bath and body lotion are also great, especially when you have a favorite fragrance. The travel size lotion are great, when you just want something to throw in your handbag.


Cupcake Lover <3
Aug 12, 2006
I love their hand soaps. I like the moisturizing ones, but my absolute favorite are their foaming hand washes as well. I also like the aromatherapy hand soaps too.

The other products that I have come to enjoy because of an awesome RAOK buddy, is their sleep line. I really like their pillow spray. It really helps me sleep.

As far as the other products go, I have used their lotions and shower gels before, but I don't think they are very good. I do not like the fragrances nor did I like the texture. They are overly scented and oily. I personally prefer clean, fresh, and crisp fragrances.

Philosophy lotions and shower gels are awesome. Hands down they are better than BBW. The scents are clean and fresh and they are way more moisturizing. They do not leave a residue like the BBW products because they absorb so much better. The shower gel also lathers up much better. They also smell better and are more moisturizing.

Once you start using Philosophy shower gels you will not want to go back to using BBW.
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Jun 24, 2008
The foaming handwash and shower gel are my must-haves. I usually get them in coconut lime verbana, warm vanilla sugar, pink grapefruit, cherry blossom, etc.. We have one right now that is passionfruit and it smells soo good too!


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Oct 20, 2008
I love the wild honeysuckle and cherry blossom. What I use the most from their products are the hand sanitizer, hand soap and the aromatheraphy shampoo. I don't really recommend the shampoo because it's very drying, but since I already bought a lot, I still use it. Once I finish them up, I definitely change to something else.