What are your fashion-related shopping addictions?

  1. Meaning, what things do you keep buying even though you KNOW you don't need any more of them?

    Mine: cashmere sweaters, bras/panties, evening dresses (I hate to be seen in the same one twice, so I'm always buying a new one each time there's an event I have to go to... I'm such a diva :shame: ), jewelry bigtime, and t-shirts (I have at least twice as many tees as I could reasonably need). Also coats and jackets -- I seem to buy at least one every fall/winter whether I actually need it or not.

  2. Shoes!!! Especially Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs...oh and MAC eyeshadows...
  3. I tend to buy lots of sweaters (turtlenecks and cowl necks to be exact) every fall/winter. My bf jokes that I have every color and style imaginable to man.

    I'm also a fan of big bags and have already bought two in the past month--my black muse and a Jimmy Choo Ramona. :love:

    But my secret obsession is fashionable designer lingerie. :shame: Every time I visit my local boutique(s)--there are two fabulous ones within a 5 min. drive from my house--I come out with a new purchase. Love Princess Tam Tam, Malizia by La Perla, I. D. Sarrieri (pretty lacy/silk bustiers!), Parah, and Huit (they often make cute sets).
  4. designer dresses and outerwear. I can't seem to get enough jackets, coats, capes!
  5. I've got a disproportional amount of tank tops and t-shirts in my coset. ... but they're basics, hey! I've also got a nice collection of fine jewelry building up. A girl can never have too much bling, right?

    Oh, and clubbing tops. Each one's different enough from the other, but considering that I go out clubbing, like, three times a year...

    Things I Don't Have Many Of But Can't Resist Buying When The Opportunity Presents Itself: Jeans, cashmere sweaters.
  6. This time of year, it's coats and cashmere sweaters.

    Year round, it's dresses and shoes.
  7. Designer dresses, handbags, knickers, coats... the list goes on.
  8. Shoes and clothes for going out at night. Also cashmere sweaters this time of year, not so much coats b/c I'm picky about fit and its hard for me to find something that I love.
  9. I love tailored menswear blazers in fun colors, my typical daytime outfit in the fall is a nice blazer, sweater underneath, and jeans. Everytime I see a new blazer at J Crew I have to stop myself from ordering it, I've already got too many!
  10. Shoes, evening / cocktail dresses (I have ten in my closet right now that I have never worn), jeans (I wear two pairs all of the time and the rest of them just sit in the closet--don't even know how many I have), Victoria's Secret PINK shorts and sweat pants....I am a shopaholic, I could list so much more that I dont' really need but keep buying!
  11. designer bags, coats (thick and light coats)
  12. Designer jeans and Victoria's Secret bras :shame:
  13. jeans! :smile:
  14. T-shirts. They take up most of my closet.
  15. Ditto.