What are your experiences when returning your bag at Saks?? Help!

  1. Hi ladies,
    I am seriously contemplating returning my Dior bag from Saks in the Houston Galleria. I bought it on May 9, 2006 during the sales event. I read on the back of my receipt that they allow 60 days right? I have my receipt, dustbag, tags, etc.. The bag itself is still bascially brand new! Do you think they will give me a hard time since it has been over a month? I don't return often and am scared they won't let me do it! Help.:cry: What are your experiences?
  2. My experience with returns at Saks have always been very good. I'm sure they'll let you return it, no questions asked.
  3. thanks lelgin, i feel a little better, i don't know why I feel so anxious when i say "I need to return this please" I just feel so bad for some reason, esp since it has been over a month and the sa thinks she has made a done deal with me!
  4. With receipt and tags, shouldn't be a problem!
  5. SAs are there to help, don't worry.:noworry:
    plus, Saks is always great no matter which transaction it is (buying or returning)
  6. so, if it was on sale, it's still ok to return right? 60 days?
  7. OK, OMG, i just called the number on the receipt, and the sa at the dior section said "anything on sale at Dior is a final sale"
  8. Hmm...in my past experiences, I've never had any problems. I've never heard of anything that's considered a "final" sale at Saks before. Perhaps the SA there was misinformed?
  9. Does it say FINAL SALE on the receipt? If it's not stamped on the receipt on your hand, it's NOT a final sale.

    Usually they clip the tags off if it is.
  10. nope the receipt does NOT say anything about final sale whatsoever. hmmmm....that's weird. I kept on repeating to the dior SA "are you sure it's final, and she said yes for the dior section" i don't know what to do....anyone else can put in their .02?
  11. Is Dior a separate entity within Saks? You know like Louis Vuitton is in say a Neimans? Curious, because I have never heard of final sale in SAKS and from my experience they have been pretty cool about returns.
  12. I have purchashed almost half of my Diors at Saks and I have returned stuff. As far as I know they work for DIOR under Saks. Call the store manager. The name of the manager should be at the top of your receipt. Also, as far as I know Saks takes all returns and they shouldn't give you a hassle. Geez, if you don't want it you shouldn't have to keep it.
  13. Carry it back over there. The worst thing they can do is say no. :hrmm:
  14. I have a friend who has worked for Saks for 20 years, they take everything back no matter what. She gets things used that are over a year old and the policy is to take it back.
    You should have no problem at all in taking your bag back. The SA you talked to gave you the wrong answer. My friend said she never heard about anything in any dept. being a final sale.
  15. They HAVE to take it back..go to the reg handbag section and do it.