What are your everyday go to bags by Size?

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  1. Large for sure! I have 2 capacity wristlets, checkbook wallet, mini skinny, and pocket notebook in my bag at all times.
  2. Small: Bridgit
    Medium: Med. Lily
    Large: XL Lily
  3. Small - Hamptons Leather Hobo in Black Leather 11543

    Medium - Signature Stripe Tote in Gunmetal/Black 11098

    Large - Don't have one yet, but looking into a Gallery Tote!
  4. Small: Swingpack
    Medium: Bleeker Flap
    Large: Legacy Tote
  5. Large Op Art Leather Sabrina
    Medium Silver Black leather Carly
    Large Lily
    and ergo pleated wristlets (burnt Orange, Esspresso, Platinum) for night out
    Last but not least Larger Ergo Tote.
  6. These are my size definitions and the ones I go for first...

    Really small : Black Legacy Bridgit or Magenta Amanda Mini Satchel

    Small: Rose Leigh (I know its not "small" really but it's one of my smaller ones.)

    Medium: Any of my Large Sabrinas

    Large: Gray Legacy Tote, Large Ergo Hobo, Large Ergo Totes

    When I just need to take everything: Heritage Stripe Diaper Bag
  7. I know alot of you love the newer bags but honestly when I have to shop my large signature hobo is the best bag to shop with it stays in place and is so lightweight compared to a lot of my other bags and I am also not afraid to get this one dirty as much as the others


    I also like to carry my XL Heritage Satchel from time to time just becuase I really love the way this bag looks not the easiest to carry I was at the post office today shipping some things to the DH and OMg that bag is heavy after a while but it is pretty

  8. My bags are all medium to large. I've been using my Gallery tote almost exclusively because it holds everything I need! :heart: It's a workhorse.
  9. Small: '08 Legacy flap, '07 Legacy shoulder bag or Brigit

    Medium: Leigh, Patent gallery tote or Scribble hobos

    Large: Lily, Sophie or Large Sabrina

    Bonus is that I have multiple colors in most all of these bags so it is too easy to grab whatever one to fill the need of whatever I am up to that day.

    So many bags, so little time!
  10. Small-->walnut legacy shoulder bag

    Medium-->cherry sabrina

    Large-->black Luci