What are your everyday go to bags by Size?

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  1. SMALL: 12917 Hamptons Leather
    MEDIUM: 11127 Legacy Leather
    LARGE: 11962 Carly Slim Signature

    Attached Files:

  2. small
    chelsea pebbled outlet hobo
    medium carly sig in blakc or small black leather sabrina

    my largest bag is my white HS satchel
  3. Small: Black Leather Legacy Leigh

    Medium: Large Sabrina or 08' Legacy zip satchel

    Large: Black leather Gigi/ Teal Lindsay/ Lg. chocolate sig stripe tote
  4. Small--turquoise ergo hogo:


    Medium--either my small/medium magenta Sabrina:


    Or my '06 whiskey Legacy shoulder:


    Large--either my large turquoise Ergo tote, which for some reason I can't find a picture of, or my large teal Sabrina:


    Fun thread! Can't wait to see what everybody else uses!
  5. ^^^^Love the way you tie your scarves! I'm not a bow person either. I'm going to steal your idea for wrapping it around the handle of your Sabrina,:graucho: Thx
  6. Small - my new love, Bridgit!
    Medium - chocolate ergo tote
    Large - Black Gigi
  7. Small - vintage Kelly bag
    Medium - black/white medium Carly
    Large - large suede patchwork ergo tote
  8. Small-Choc. sig. ergo hobo (winter), walnut '07 shoulder bag (every other season

    Medium-Plum med. Carly

    Large-Pond patent ergo tote
  9. Small: Legacy Leather Shoulder 11127 in Walnut
    Medium: Legacy Leather Flap 11134 in Camel
    Large: Legacy Leather Gigi 11131 in Black
  10. Wow, I guess I am the only one that only carries large bags everyday! I have too many things I need (or like to have on hand) everyday that I have no bags that aren't large! That is, except for clutches for nights out.

    Large: I have been switching out my black, teal, and khaki sig sabrinas!
  11. Hmm, probably from small to large-
    Ergo belted leather hobo
    Denim sig stripe tote (from 07)
    Legacy leather tote (from the outlet- the one that looks like Gigi)
  12. I carry big bags everyday too. The only time I carry a small bag is when I wear wristlets when I go out to dinner or something. Plus, I switch my bags everyday depending on my outfit so I really don't have a "go to" bag.
  13. I carry pretty much big bags all the time.. I guess it depends where I'm going... sometimes I just carry a wristlet too... my smallest bag would be my black leigh... and then I carry my carly's a lot and my ergo satchel
  14. Pictured in my avatar. Large leather Zoe in Platinum.
  15. I don't have any small bags.

    Medium....I guess my "favorite" out of the two I have is my medium ergo tote in mahogany patent.

    All of my other bags are large. LOL I really rotate them out constantly. Right now my purple patent soho hobo is what I've been carrying since I bought it. LOVE it and it is super lightweight, even with a load of crap in it that I carry.