What are your Deciding Factor's when buying Coach????

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  1. Just curious to know what is it about your Coach bag that makes you purchase it? I guess my deciding factors would be. Size,color,style,Function,price, and last but Not least..Will I use this bag daily and for along time? I guess I look for a bag that I don't have to change out of, because I'am a Mom of 4 (ages 16 to 2,)lol. I really don't have alot of time to swap out bags daily, weekly etc. I have 4 Coach bags and my latest bag is everything all in one..I was wondering if you ever feel that way.Do any of your bags fall into that catergory? I know many of you have Alot of bags.So I'm just wondering how you do it.:P
  2. I go for style and functionality mainly, but if something is a pretty color I am sucked in. Also, if something is on sale, I'll buy it. I have a problem with compulsive shopping, seriously. I try to change out my bags often, I have a short attention span and I love all my bags so much I am constantly rotating. Price is also a factor, if I can't afford it, I ain't getting it!
  3. Ditto!
  4. I have a couple of deciding factors:
    1. Price
    2. if it is to heavy
    3. my insert MUST fit inside bag
  5. Great reply, I love it.....It's just nice to know what makes other Coach lover's buy that certain bag or any bag for that matter.
  6. I wonder if one of the inserts would fit in my sm/med. Patent spotlight? Do you have a site where I can get one, and if so Thank you....;)
  7. Yep!!!!! thats me too!!!!!

  8. I have the large insert and she fits in my large spotlight

    check your PM
  9. Dawn there's a couple of places you can purchase the purse organizers. ChameleonInserts.com is one place I can think of. Maybe some of the other ladies can chime in with the other places!!
  10. same place for me - I LOVE these inserts - I have used it for the last 1 1/2 they are great
  11. Ditto!

    The bag as to go over my shoulder, it just has to. Other than that I don't have a color preference, because I can always find something to match it
  12. I have a see it, like it, buy it policy.

    I have really good grasp (most of the time, at least) on what will work for me...what won't work rarely crosses my radar.

    Then it boils down to color, style, material...if those things pass the test then the bag is squarely in the "like it" pile which slowly becomes the "buy it" pile. Some seasons offer more, others less. But I don't need every bag to meet the same requirements. I generally have a "situation" in mind...a purpose and then the bag follows.
  13. Thanks....;)
  14. :biggrin: Agreed!

    I know there are a few other places, but I prefer Chameleon too!

    No problem Dawn. Organziers are great, I know you probably carry a lot with the kiddos!
  15. When buying coach I try to look for items that I don't see often because I think more and more people have coach bags nowadays. It has to be a bag that'll make people say "oh...where did you get your purse?" So unique collections or colors draw me in...otherwise I'll probably go to another brand.

    I really like that coach bags use nice leather, so I don't go for the jacquard style/fabric items.

    I'm also crazy for pleats lol.