What are Your Bad Habits?!

  1. I have a bad habit or interrupting people, that's a terrible one but improving!, and I can get annoyed easily perhaps too easily sometimes :shame: . How about you guys? :biggrin:
  2. uuuuhh...spending too much on handbags..............lol!!
  3. Living in the past and poor self-acceptance:sad:
  4. being the worst proscratinator ever :sad2: and being shy (not really a bad habit except people take it as being stuck up)......oh and i'm kinda a slob :wondering
  5. Procrastination, me too. Currently by spending too much time browsing the internet for, ehhh, handbags... And checking out ebay, and checking my mail like 100 times a day.

    And I'm a grown up mother-of-two who should, by now, know better:shame:
  6. overspending...:sad2:
  7. Internet addiction ("just one more article to read") and shopping habits.
  8. All of the above! :shame:
  9. Ditto!
  10. I have to have everything done right away. I have no patience teaching others something new (I think you should know it already). I spend too much time on the internet!
  11. I have the same as you, interrupting people. And a very short temper, must be the french and irish in me :blink: Oh and I have OCD when it comes to neatness, I'm a complete neat freak.
  12. Procrastinating then when I get stressed about it, I bite the skin off my fingertips and they can end up bleeding. Gross, but it does calm me down while I'm doing it.

    I'm 35 but I should maybe still have a comforter!

  13. My bf and friends say I am OCD when it comes to hygiene...to the point where i probably drive the bf crazy.
  14. I'm impatient, I'm very schedule-oriented and I have bad road rage.
  15. Procrastination,poor impulse control when it comes to shopping,and sometimes sounding sharper than I mean to...