What are your 5 'must have' colors for your bag collection?

  1. Not sure if this topic has come up before since the 'search' function is not working, but what colors do you feel you must have in your bag collection if you can choose only up to 5?

    I'll start:

    Black, Brown, Grey, Beige, and Red
  2. Black, dark brown, medium brown (I wear a lot of brown!), red, and one other accent color (yellow, green, blue, purple, anything!)
  3. Almost Similar :smile:
    Black, Brown, Red, Grey, and White

    I am still looking for a perfect grey bag for me.
  4. Black, brown, white, patterned & a colored one (possibly teal/dark purple)
  5. black, denim, white, brown and a soft pastel color!
  6. i can't narrow to 5 :biggrin:
  7. Black
    White (I prefer an off-white as opposed to a stark white)
    Something offbeat (like a bright colored bag or something out of character, color wise)
    Red (though I still don't have this yet - and am surviving :lol:)
  8. Dark grey, red, blue (toss up between navy and a regular blue), purple, dark green. I like my bags to really accent my outfit, not match!
  9. Black, brown, luggage, red, and bronze.
  10. Black, chocolate brown, tan, red, and white. I think that with those colors you can match anything!
  11. I only have black & white bags.

    To round out my Chanel collection I'd love to have:
    blue, bluish gray


    I'm not a huge fan of beige or brown for some reason.
  12. Black, Brown, Denim, funky pattern, and a small backpack of any color! Gosh what a hard question!;)
  13. chocolate, caramel, cream, gray, 1 other (random color or print)
  14. Black,chocolate,tan,olive and cream(I know...boring).
  15. Black, Chocolate, Cream/Off-white, Grey, & either dark blue or dark green