What are you yearning for from Coach's new look?

  1. I'm definetly going bankrupt this season! What about you?:P
  2. Definitely! :drool:
  3. [​IMG]


    I might get one of these bags.. I like the stripe, but I can see lots of teenyboppers wearing that as well, and I already get carded for everything lol...:rolleyes:
  4. i'm not really digging the bags...but the accessorie...gimme those ballet flats and i'll be thrilled...
  5. I'm buying all of these tomorrow!!!! Then in a few weeks I plan on buying the Alana Ballet flats (striped ones), Zoe Clutch in Black, Legacy Stripe ponytail scarf and a patent mini skinny! eee I love this collection

    I wish the wallet was lined in stripe!


  6. [​IMG]


    and if I like these enough in person..:graucho:
  7. I'm going back and forth with those flats..
  8. I also love the striped clutch, but not sure if the size and cost is worth it, but its too cute to pass up, no?
  9. it's adorable- there's no doubt about that. but the price doesn't seem worth it...
  10. I am totally getting this too! I can't decide between this and pink ... :love:
  11. It's killing me to not buy this bag right now. The size is perfect and it's absolutely stunning. I will have this bag!!

  12. Twins!! I don't know if I will get this right away, but I definetly want it!!! In the brown or black..
  13. Aarti...we are on the same page. LOL I love both those bags. I think I'm going to get the 1st one in white or pink. I'm going to go broke on accessories!!
  14. i'm thinking the pink myself!!!!!
  15. I am new to collecting Coach and have a small (but growing!!) collection of vintage pieces. I love the pictures above, this season looks so retro, but where did you find them? I don't seem these on the Coach website.