What are you willing to not buy/do for louis?

  1. Since i'm a student with limited fonds i have to not do/buy things to be able to afford louis. I was wondering if you spend anything you have 'left' on louis or that you really save on other things to buy louis
  2. Well I find myself being upset at having to pay for the necessities...when I'd rather buy a bag! For example....I curse the electricity bill...and I hate buying groceries.

    BUT...do I specifically scrimp on things consciously to buy bags? Not really!
    But in general there are things I save money on that probably help get the bag faster LOL
  3. I'm more inclined to sell off things, not other LV so much but other collections.
  4. sometimes i just cut down on other stuff... sometimes i set aside a chunk of my savings
  5. I'm an aspiring member of starving students. ;)
  6. Well I am a student and I work and make fairly decent money I think for only being 18! lol. Now I DO skimp out on other things to afford my LV. I love clothes/shoes but I am a simple guy where my tee shirts and maybe a polo or a certain button up shirt will do just fine, no blazers or anything fancy for me, but I do treat myself when it comes to my jeans :smile: I love my True Religions/Rock & Republics, but my closet is FULL of $20 tee shirts haha! so I do miss out on clothes I want that are expensive and I also miss out on a lot of movies I want like the Sopranos seasons, Sex and The City... but really nothing else I think...
  7. I don't have many clothes and haven't gone on vacation for a long time. I rarely go to the salon to get my hair streaked/cut, and I never go to the spa to get massages/facials/manicures/pedicures.
  8. i'm a student too and when my boyfriend and i booked or trip to rome last february i knew i wanted to buy lv there so i just starting saving up REAL HARD and stopped buying shoes i dont need etc
    normally i would buy shoes almost everyweek (we are talking about cheap shoes ;) ) and now i have bought like 2 of 3 pairs in a few months!
  9. Twiggs, you are too funny! I also curse the electric bill, phone bill, etc. All those unfun but necessary bills that add up each month!
  10. I don't scrimp, but if I stop eating out every meal of the day which is 3 at the end of the week I could have $350 towards a new purse. I am horrible cook and hate to clean up dishes and pots and stuff. But wow I could be saving a ton of money if I stop eating out so much. I truly spend at $350 on food a week. crazy.
  11. No you gotta stop doing that,lol!

    I think for me its I buy the kids toys everytime we go to the store,lol!Thank God we live in base housing,lol.We hadn't had an electricity bill in 3 yrs,lol.
  12. We have our own business so the $$ flow is very erratic.
    The only way I can get LV is to have a little fund. I try to put at least $10 dollars away each week. If I have a little windfall, then I can add more. It's slow going, but it definitely makes me think and rethink on what I'm gonna get!
  13. Now thats a good idea.I need to do that,lol!My only big rule is not credit card purchases.So like you it does make me think and rethink of what I want and need.
  14. Lol... Me too! :p
  15. Hmmm... I'm a student too and for me it's both.
    I first pay off major things like my tuition fees, books, new computer, and a portion of my apartment (i'll be moving out soon...). All the rest like food, phone bills, living expenses, transportation are all paid by my parents.
    Now with the left over money I save save save for LV LOL! However, the only things that I do NOT save on are COFFEE, makeup and skincare products which are actually a lot of money now that I'm thinking about it...:shocked:, and umm... personal stuff LOL!