What are you wearing with that gorgeous Valentino???

  1. Jag Jeans
    Ann Taylor cardigan
    Banana Republic sparkle cami
    Valentino gold petale flats
    Valentino Folie Bow hobo
    David Yurman jewels

  2. Omg, I love them :love: And they would go great with my Chanel camelia wallet, hehe :drool:
  3. Ok, I need to get busy with my Valentinos and wear something cute. LL, you have inspired me!

    Come on, everybody! You don't have to be dressed up. Just your everyday look. Let's see some pics!
  4. LL, I would love to play in your jewelry box and closet!!!!!!!!
  5. ^^ And I would love to have your figure! Thanks for the compliments Nascar :biggrin: You look WONDERFUL in your outfits as well!
  6. Ann Taylor tshirt
    NYD Jeans
    Black studded Valentino petale flats
    Chain Mail Valentino Bag
    DY Jewels

  7. If you don't mind me asking. What is the name of your bag in this picture?

    Thanks :smile:

  8. LabelLover & Nascarfan, you have inspired me. LL, I think it is the chainmail tote in your last outfit, right? From your most recent amazing reveal :smile: So chic!

    We are on vacay for a few days leaf peeping. It was 20 degrees in the morning yesterday, so I am wearing:

    Moonshadow cable knit black hat, Elizabeth Arden sunglasses, fluffy navy blue faux fur Regent Park coat (bought yesterday, great deal at $139 & very necessary due to the weather!), and my new plum Petale dome bag.

  9. Of course I don't mind! It's the cinched Maison Tote from SS 2010
  10. You look fabulous Mithril! I'm so jealous of your weekend getaway :p
  11. Thanks LabelLover! Here's another one. Thanks to DH for fixing the photo quality:

    MET sparkle hoodie
    Ann Taylor tank top
    Pine IV jeans
    Red large Couture bag

  12. Smartly-dressed, all of you. I've been mooning over the new cream-colored Rosiers, but I wonder if they unravel easily? They feel so delicate.
  13. Thanks! The rosiers do acquire a slight fringe after use, but I just trim
    any loose threads with nail scissors-very easy and no big deal. The rosiers are
    luxurious, scrumptious bags. I love my ombré rosier.
  14. perfect answer :yes:
    ONE DAY:cloud9: