What are you wearing with that gorgeous Valentino???

  1. Went out to dinner last night with some friends and carried my aphrodite for the first time :happydance:

    Black Chiffon Top with lace - PolkaDotCat
    Black Skinny Jeans - Topshop
    'Chance' bow heels in nude - Gina
    Python Aphrodite - Valentino
    IMG-20110911-01265.jpg Ginas.JPG
  2. Love this outfit its so girly :love:
  3. Ann Taylor top
    NYD Jeans
    Valentino lace flats
    Valentino Rosier
  4. Beautiful!!!!!!!
  5. NYDJeans
    Ted Baker Sweater
    Juicy Couture tee
    Jimmy Choo flats
    Valentino bag (!!!!)
    David Yurman jewels

  6. You look fabulous! That is my favorite of all the outfits/bags :smile:
  7. Thanks Nascar! That really means alot to me :biggrin:
  8. Sometime you will have to show me a close-up of the David Y jewels. They always look pretty but I can't tell what they really look like. :smile:
  9. I have an album!!! Lol!
  10. Holy smoke! Do you ever have an album!!!!!!!!! They are all beautiful!
    I love the heart necklace.
  11. I agree with Nas! This is a stunning outfit! I love every single piece of it - and I love all of your outfits, LL!! :love:
  12. MY FAVORITE OUTFIT!!!!!!! did you know i LOVE blush ashley?!?! :p can i pretty please have a close up of those FLATS?! you look amazing in all your mod shots :heart:

    i stopped posting on tpf as much but i came on here just for you :heart: :p
  13. :hugs:
    Here's a close up

  14. DROOL i love them!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Hey, Linhh!!!!

    Yes, those shoes are VERY pretty! :smile: