What are you wearing this winter?

  1. I'm having a mental fashion block lol! So I don't want to be stuck in jeans all winter and I'm not really into the leggings look... what can I wear this winter ladies!? Its too cold for the cute summer dresses and I feel like I look like I'm going the office if I wear dress pants. I'm a college student but I love fashion and glamour ( think beyonce, jlo). I love to look stylish! Any ideas?:rolleyes:
  2. The trouser style jeans are hot for the fall, or you could wear the dress pants by dressing them down with a tee or shrunken jacket. Or you could dress up your jeans with cashmere sweaters or embellished tunics.:cool:
  3. How about skirts (or dresses) paired with woolly tights and wellington boots. I am so rocking that look this winter.
  4. both great ideas i will definitely try!!
  5. I would try the trouser jeans as someone mentioned as well as wide leg trousers and pants.