what are you wearing on christmas day?

PJs or sweats most of the day -- it will be myself, my SO and the dogs cooking and opening gifts until midday when my son & brother come over.

Will probably change into black slacks and a cotton sweater when they are on their way over.
While I don't do christmas, Eid is coming up this saturday .. this year I think I'm going to dress casually only because I plan to cook as well as spend a few hours playing Nintendo Wii (need comfy clothes as may sweat as a result of the activity)

Perhaps later on in the evening I'll dress up, last Eid which was around the beginning of Nov. 06 I wore a long mermaide style black corduroy skirt with gold, bronze and plum paisley beading and designs on the bottom with a small black lace top and an adorable short black little blazer.
Yesterday I started out wearing my Bloomingdales-exclusive Sevens with the pink rhinestone skull on the pockets and a red Juicy Couture jacket. Then I got my pink Hello Kitty cashmere sweater (it has the Hello Kitty head done in Swarovskis on the left part of the chest) so I wore that.