**What are you wearing for Valentine's Day?**

  1. Even though I don't have an SO (significant other for newbies), I'm really geeked up (excited :p) about Valentine's Day. :love: Usually, I'm in a bah-humbug mood, but not this year. So to feed my obsession, what are you ladies wearing for Valentine's Day?

    I want outfits, bags and scarves ladies! :yahoo:
  2. a smile ;)
  3. Nothing! :love:
  4. Outfits, bags and scarves ladies? :girlsigh:
  5. ^ LOL. My answer was going to be "Clothes. Bah humbug." But now I feel inclined to give a better answer :lol:

    IDK I haven't given it any thought. My SO could care less about clothes :shrugs:...
  6. here ya go,indigo:smile::i will try and remember to post pics of outfit on V day

    Black Muse babydoll dress
    Pink Hermes Twilly Bolduc au carre
    Pink Coach Cyndi mules
    Black Chanel bowler bag
    Silvertone Chanel logo stud earrings

    Surprising hubby with a trip to Bok Sanctuary:love:
  7. no outfit planned for vday yet but if i do go out, i have the perfect accessories =D
  8. Thank you! :tup: Love the outfit and I looked it up and that place is beautiful.
  9. Call me cheesy, but I always wear red, red, red! And green on St Paddy's day, orange on Halloween, etc.
  10. I think I may wear the new Elie Tahari dress I bought on sale from Neimans and my eternity shawl.. Im still debating if I like the proportions.
  11. ^ really pretty!
  12. I have no SO either, but I may carry a red bag that day! I'm usually kind of "meh" about Valentines Day too, even when I do have a SO. IDK... it always is a bit of a letdown. I'll be sporting a very Valentine's permanent feature of my "wardrobe" though- I have a heart tattooed somewhere on me. :shame:

    Indigo- I see we live in the same area- hi!
  13. I always wear read on valentines :girlysigh:

    I'm wearing this;
    Monsoon red dress with black belt
    Christian Louboutain ronaldo pumps
    Marc Jacobs clutch

    (will post a picture later)
  14. underwear:blush::love::cutesy:
  15. I want to feel very cheery so possibly this:

    Marc by Marc Jacobs silk dress http://eluxury.com/estore/browse/product_detail.jsp?id=11592507

    Some red peep toe wedges

    My Vuitton Vernis indigo lexington

    Simple gold jewelry

    ...and possibly no scarf since it's deep South here so no need for a wrap.