What are you wearing for New Years tonite??

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  1. Im think Im going to be wearing a black fitted dress, and some knee boots (will be shopping for another pair after work) then leave my hair out, and put on some shimmery makeup. I will also have bangles and my favorite extra large hoop earrings.

    I know that sounds boring...but hey:shrugs:. what are you wearing?
  2. Eek don't know yet. Hope to get a dress real quick at the mall. Stupid me!
  3. My in-laws are having a fancy party that we will be attending until about 11pm, and then my husband and I will attending what will probably be our last big club party to bring in the new year. I'm wearing this cute Rebecca Taylor mini to the first party, but something a bit more skanky to the second.

  4. ughhh i'm so frustrated!! i have no idea what to wear.. i wanted to wear a dress but the place i'm going to is very very casual....kinda sucks. maybe i'll just be on my own and wear a dress, who cares if everyone else is in jeans lol
  5. Going to a casual bar.

    I will be wearing:

    Dark blue skinny jeans
    Peacock blue corset style satin top that ties in the back and has short slightly puffy sleeves... it's really cute on, will post a pic if I get a chance.
    Silver pumps
  6. I say wear the dress. Personally, I like being the only girl in the room in a dress and not wearing jeans.
  7. I still don't know. I think I'm just gonna go with this Alice and Olivia Mini, even though I have a feeling someone else will wear it. I don't care anymore, I'm just tired of thinking about it!
  8. I was going to wear this for a Christmas party, but my parent's NYE party is fancier so I am wearing my Christmas outfit tonight.

    Nicole Miller fishtail evening gown (you can find it at Saks)
    Christian Louboutin pewter Lady Gres
    Gucci icon ring
    diamond pendant I've had since I was 13
    diamond tennis bracelet borrowed from my mom

    I hope everyone has a great time tonight!!
  9. You gals all sound so glam and will look beautiful I'm sure!
    My hubby and I are just going to a house party ,in the neigborhood, so its jeans and I sparkly top for me. We've been going to these friends the last couple of years and have a really wonderful time and its walking distance from my house , so thats great!
    I have some nice red crocodille peeptoes that I'll use to dress up my top , they are soooooo sexy to me!
    Everyone be careful and have a wonderful time wherever you are going.:heart:
  10. Out to dinner with the BF and friends, then to a downtown area that has no open container law, woohoo! Bar-hopping with beer in hand, here I come :supacool:


    citizens of humanity dark denim trouser-style jeans
    black camisole from frederick's of hollywood (it's my first new year with the new boobies, so I must show them off, of course)
    black cropped 3/4 sleeve cardigan from Nordstrom
    black manolo blahnik basic pumps
    LV damier pochette
  11. Not going out, so sweats! Have fun all!
  12. ^ Same here. I'll be wearing Nick and Nora pajamas because I'm sick :sad:

    Priiiin- your outfit sounds beyond gorgeous! You should post pics later! :girlsigh:
  13. Thanks Claire. I will try to remember. It's going to be hectic after the party. I am going directly to PDX to fly to Mexico!

    I'm sorry you are sick! Hope you feel better! You deserve a million hugs :flowers:
  14. Aww thanks Priiin! :heart:

    Your plans sound amazing-- have fun!!! :biggrin:
  15. Do you think you will recover soon? I hope so!