what are you wearing for new year's (and which bal will you carry??)?? come share!

  1. inspired by the chanel forum and ferociousjeanne, i'm really curious what my bal girls are wearing for new year's eve!! i have my dress and accessories all picked out but still haven't decided which bag i'm going to use..

    would love to see everyone's outfits now and modeling pictures after the actual day!!

    tufi duek dress, chanel braclet and miu miu headband. :smile:
    dress detail
    cuff detail
    headband detail

    which of these bal clutches should i use? or none??
    c) d)

    thanks in advance for any suggestions but more than that, POST PICTURES of your NYE choices!! especially if you'll be wearing bal RTW!! :lol:
  2. plu, A A A!!!! It would look so classy with your black dress!!:yes:
  3. Definitely A! What a great outfit!!!
  4. thanks for the input chinkee and ahayward!!! :biggrin:

    please post your outfits too!! really looking forward to seeing them.
  5. what a nice idea, i vote for a) it'll look outstanding on your black dress.
    where are you celebrating the new year? restaurant? discotheque? party at a friend's place? :smile:
  6. Pluiee I LOVE your gold cuff bracelet!!!!!!!!!!

    This may be me. My sequin tunic/dress:


    May just carry my First:

  7. wow great outfits Karen and pluie! i have no idea on what i'll be wearing that night yet. honestly i have no idea on what i'm going to do.... may be i'm lucky and i'll have a decision this evening :p
  8. karenab- i just love that dress!! stunning!! def go with the first........

    pluiee- great thread. love the miu miu hairband...swoon... i would go with A too.
  9. Karen & Pluiee... SeXxAaay!! Very Nice!! :tup:
  10. I'm just going to be wearing jeans, a sweatshirt and uggs. :sad: DH and I are out in the sand dunes where we go dirt bike riding. I have my origan city with me but she is safely tucked away in a cabinet in our RV, so she won't get sandy.

    Have a great new year everyone!
  11. A A A A A!!!!!!
    wow nice outfits ladies~
    I need some sparkles in my NYE outfit... gotta go find one in my closet!
  12. pluiee! definitely the new lizard clutch!

    Karen, your outfit looks hot, as does yours, pluiee!

    Here's my probable outfit for tmr:

    Lisa Ho silk halter dress with metallic silver diamond pattern
    Giuseppe Zanotti sandals
    diamonds by the yard necklace
    Giant Traveler worn as clutch




    JL-NYE-Outfit-005.jpg JL-NYE-Outfit-003.jpg JL-NYE-Outfit-006.jpg JL-NYE-Outfit-007.jpg
  13. Great combo!! Look how that clutch just elevates the entire outfit.
  14. thanks del!! probably going to have dinner with my family and then headed out to a club with some friends. ;) what will you be doing/wearing?
    phebe, post pictures when you decide!
    thanks loth!!! waiting for your pictures, especially with all your chloe goodies!!
    thanks oogie! any special plans for nye? :smile:
    kirsten, your outfit sounds super comfy, i'll be killing my feet in heels.. happy new year! would love to see dirt biking photos (and that origan city!!!) :smile:
    dumdumsum, post pictures!!
    karen, i love your dress!! looks so pretty on you! i think your first will go nicely :smile:
    jade, totally agree with karen, the clutch really matches your outfit and makes it pop!! your zanotti shoes are so gorgeous, love the details.
  15. Oh, I will be wearing something very comfortable, having the best friends over for chinese cuisine, same as the last several years since we all had our children. :graucho: Oh, when we were young we would sneak a bottle of champagne in to the movie theatre, and hope that the 'POP' wouldn't bring too much attention to us! LOL! The repeat performances get to be so very comforting after a while! You will know what I mean in just a few short years girls! Oh, and my beautiful bag will be carefully laid on the table in my hobby/work room/office, looking as new as the day she arrived from BalNY/Neimans/Aloha/Saks/Nordstrom/Barneys. :yahoo::yahoo: Have I mentioned yet that I love being 50? Fab kids, wonderful dh, great friends, does it get any better than this?:heart::heart: Call me crazy.....Love you all, and Happy New Year!!