What are you wear to class USA university?

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  1. Today is my first class university in usa. What I should wear today? Because today is very hot 88"F degree.
    Can I wear flip flop ? and tank top?
    is it ok in usa?
    Since inthailand It is impolite to wear in class. or wear to work.

    please give a advice please.

    Thank you

    or wear this one
  2. Yes, you can wear that. And you look great! You don't have to get dressed up for classes here. You'll be surprised at what you see.
  3. Very cute outfit!! I think it would be great for class & for warm weather as well! :tup:

    The only thing I would add... is if you're taking graduate courses (Master's level?? I'm not sure what else they would be called elsewhere?)... then you might have to dress up a bit, but that outfit is a nice compromise between casual & dressy regardless...

    For our graduate courses, they are at night - so everyone comes in wearing what they wore to work. Guys in dress shirts w/ a tie or polos for the most part... ladies in dress pants & blouses... I wore dark jeans & cardigan on Tuesday though, because it was what I was wearing that day & I didn't feel like changing!! :P
  4. Absolutely you can wear that!! You'll probably be one of the nicestly dressed there.

    The majority of US college kids are very relaxed in what they where to their lectures. It's usually jeans and some sort of hoodie or tshirt...Sometimes girls wear skirts, but I would have to say that they're in the minority, lol.

    You'll probably even see a few people in shorts that look like PJ bottoms, but that is more common in the fall and winter.
  5. u definently look good! very laid back style here....tshirts, hoodies, sweaters, shorts whatever is casual... :-]]
  6. You look really cute.
    You can wear almost anything to class, especially in warm weather.
    I'm in law school and one day after studying all night, I wore pajamas to school!:nuts: Haha I don't recommend it though.
  7. Girls are required to wear skirt suits to class!

    Ha! You can go to class in your pajamas and it would be fine. You're there to learn, not look fashionable...although you'll be fine doing the latter as well.

    Have fun!
  8. I think thats perfect, in the US, no one cares what you wear.. you can be as casual as you want... as long as you dont show up to class in a ball gown or fancy dress or something.... :heart:
  9. You look great! Yes, it's very casual here. I usually go in jeans and a hoodie (well, not when it's that warm!). You'll see lots of tank tops and flip flops. Good luck!
  10. You can really wear whatever you want. It's not uncommon to see college students in their pjs at early classes.

    What you have on is fine, but so are jeans and a t-shirt too!
  11. Haha.. People wear trashbags to go to class where I go to school.
    Anything will be fine!
  12. students are usually dressed down for classes... i see mostly people in jeans/t-shirts, sweatpants/hoodies... and since it's summer, i see a lot of tank tops, shorts, etc. flip flops are definitely ok!
  13. what you have on is fine!

    wear whatever is comfy and will let you focus on the lecture. jeans, a tee, and flipflops will be ALL you will see me in when i start my summer classes! and i bet that is what most everyone else will be wearing!
  14. you look beautiful, have a great day!
  15. Hello, I'm also a fellow thai girl here :smile:

    Anyway, what you're wearing is fine and you look great. As everyone said, anything goes in this country. Jeans, t-shirts, flip flops, etc.