What are you watching on TV, right now?

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  1. MTV: The Hills. :yes:
  2. The CW - Veronica Mars
  3. i watched American Idol a few hours ago. I really don't watch much tv anymore, to be honest.
  4. Nothing! Both parents are asleep, and s is my brother. I am the only up, and the tv is off. I watched a little bit of American Idol and that was it.
  5. That Touch of Mink, with Doris Day and Cary Grant.
  6. Lost
  7. Lost while I'm surfing tPF. :yes:

  8. That's what I'm watching, too. It's one of my top five favorite movies! I turned it on at my favorite scene, too...the fashion show before she goes to Bermuda! I LOVE Cary Grant!
  9. Rachael Ray a few hours ago, City Line (canadian)
  10. Here in Denmark there is SO much snow, that we can’t walk outside and the university and almost all shops are closed… What do I do? Watch Sex and the city all day yiiiirrrr:wlae: …. Its allmost like christmas :yes: