What are you "watching" on Ebay?

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  1. Noe GM and a Babylone. Unfortunately the Babylone is from a seller with awful feedback!

    Et toi?:idea:
  2. technomarine watch


    hermes scarf

    and a precious little handmade bear

  3. aw the bear is darling.

    i'm not officially watching anything, but i'm looking at ginny dolls because they are my mom's new obsession.
  4. I'm watching my own auctions..;) But not buying anything for myself.
  5. Jas! Did you list your Gucci bag?

    lol And is that Bob Ross in your avatar?
  6. either pink or khaki Josephine PM

    IntSet- how did your Channel auction going? I hope you will find a buyer to take the bag off your hand, it's a beautiful bag!
  7. Aww, thanks, Care! I have 6 watchers, so that's exciting!
  8. i'm just watching some movies on ebay.. nothing spectacular. i have a saved search for specific vuitton items: Keepall, VIP, bracelet, multicolor, panda, and cherry blossom. (ie: Vuitton VIP, Vuitton Keepall, etc).

    but i have 7 people watching my coach auction! haha.
  9. Blythe dolls and Molton Brown bags.
  10. at the moment - just chanel thanks to all the PF members who have pointed me in the right direction!
  11. like 40 or so balenciagas.

    and one pair of marc jacobs boots.
  12. Speedy's.
  13. I watch a baby blue paddy, brown city, chanel but i don't want to buy. I always watch things even if I don't intend to buy just to see what the price is going to be. I'm a weirdo.
  14. Nothing, I'll be tempted to buy something :shame: Trying to save my money. It's not working, though, I have the urge to go to the mall today :P
  15. A new pair of gold Jimmy Choos.