What are you "watching" on Ebay?

technomarine watch


hermes scarf

and a precious little handmade bear

either pink or khaki Josephine PM

IntSet- how did your Channel auction going? I hope you will find a buyer to take the bag off your hand, it's a beautiful bag!
i'm just watching some movies on ebay.. nothing spectacular. i have a saved search for specific vuitton items: Keepall, VIP, bracelet, multicolor, panda, and cherry blossom. (ie: Vuitton VIP, Vuitton Keepall, etc).

but i have 7 people watching my coach auction! haha.
I watch a baby blue paddy, brown city, chanel but i don't want to buy. I always watch things even if I don't intend to buy just to see what the price is going to be. I'm a weirdo.