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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I'm tired to wait my next b-bag alone:sad: ...
    and call Bal Paris almost everyday to check if the Blue India Day is available...

    So maybe we could wait together:yes: ...
    and announce here when the wait finally ends:nuts: !!!!

    So tell me which b-bag are you waiting for :graucho: ??????
  2. Don't worry, I'll be there soon and we can cry over [SIZE=-1]cafe crème[/SIZE] about the bags we are waiting for :upsidedown: I can't wait- at least I'll be able to SEE them better :P
  3. Café Crème ???
    sounds great ...
    but did you ever tried "macarons" or "praliné millefeuilles" from Ladurée:drool: ????
    But :back2topic: I really need my BI day now:hysteric: !!!
    (and btw work now :crybaby: or get up very early tomorrow:sad: ...)
  4. :crybaby: honestly I've to resist and to save some $$$ for another (expensive) bag . . . BUT I desperately want a blue india day too :crybaby: :sad: - HELP!! What should I do ?? :hrmm: :girlsigh: :sos:
  5. A Blue India Day:nuts:...
    You should buy it ...now:wlae: (because prices increase on beautiful bags!!!)
    OK I'm partial :shame: ...
  6. I havent got the money yet but a beautiful 04 lilac weekender is waiting for me (althought I don't know for how long :crybaby: :crybaby: ). I am obsess with this bag and I want it now :hysteric: so fromparis and first you aren't alone :sad: :sad:

  7. Hmmmmm .... you makes me want one too :wtf: :P OMG !!!

  8. Ohhh myriam..... good luck to you too :flowers: :yes: :love:

  9. ladurée :drool: i have to go back to paris soon! and on topic, i have to visit the balenciaga shop :graucho:
  10. Buy it first !! It's now or never !! :drool: :drool:
  11. i want a blue india purse and a rouge vif first! i have been asking everywhere about the purse and noone has ordered it!
  12. It's amazing! It seems nobody ordered blue india in Milan as well.I think I will have to wait until I go to Paris in a couple of weeks to see it IRL. Why did so many buyers skip on such a color?
  13. Olive Brown Day
  14. So Balenciaga is not making the Purse in Blue India? Is that the bottom line? If nobody ordered it, they don't make it, right?
  15. I just got my rouge vif City over the weekend so I'm just waiting for the new Spring colors to come out! :roflmfao:
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