What are you waiting for?

  1. Was browsing the LV store yesterday. I tend to use my LV's as my workhorse bags, and so have been seriously debating picking up the Ribera because of the problems it has with bending at the zipper. My SA pulls me aside and tells me instead of purchasing the Ribera, I should wait a month or two for a bag she thinks would be perfect for me (I'm a picky bag whore! My specifics for her are: no monogram, no denim, no more speedy's, no shoulder bags, no more epi! Only structured, horizontal bags, ie ribera, duomo, etc.). And then she pulls out a picture of a damier bag that I instantly knew I would love -- structured, big (reportedly bwtn a 30 and 35 speedy size), and just a bit different than all my speedy's. The Berkeley in Damier!

    This is honestly the first Louis I've been excited about in a while! She expects to have one in hand in about a month.

    What are you waiting for?
  2. Money! $$$... lol....
  3. ^ :roflmfao:

    First time ever

  4. my SA showed me the Lookbook yesterday, and i didn't see anything that i really liked, so i guess i'll be able to save up for when other things come out :p
  5. I'm waiting for money too. I want the neo cabby, new damier bag, and the new inclusions, omg and that mirror heart!
  6. im also waiting for MONEY!!!
    and the limelight clutch!
  7. I am waiting for denim cabby Gm in black.
  8. mirage speedy
  9. Damier neverfull!!!
  10. Tivoli PM and maybe the Damier Neverfull.
  11. oh yeah and the damier neverfull.
  12. my bday to get here (aug 31) so i can get some LV! its a surprise ;)
  13. Cruise '08 speedy in blue...and maybe a damier neverfull MM!
  14. A Damier Azur ludlow, black Denim accessories, nice belts.
  15. I want the black Tonga sunnies... but waiting for my b-day on Oct. 6th to get them :wlae: