What are you "wait-listed" for???

  1. So, what is everyone "wait-listed" for????? I called my SA today to add the 2 denim wallets and the Valentine Pastilles on top of my "growing" wait-list.

    This is what my list looks like so far:
    1) MC Heart Purse
    2) Pomme D'amour Heart Purse
    3) Perle Heart Purse
    4) Red and White Valentine Pastilles Keychains
    5) Denim Zippy wallet
    6) Denim Mini-Zippy Wallet
    7) Dentelle Lace Pouchette
    8) Dentelle Lace Large Wallet
    9) Dentelle Lace Small Wallet

    SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wtf:
  2. nothing! lol.
    are you going to get a lot of them?
  3. WOW! That's some list.....
    i only put myself down for the envelope pouch in pomme d' amour, but SA thinks I'll also want it in framboise. she also thinks i need the MC heart coin purse, not so sure myself, we'll see....:graucho:
  4. LOL Michele! Sounds like you have a great SA!

    I am currently only waitlisted for the Dentelle speedys (waitlisted for both so I could choose a color).
  5. :wtf: lol that's a long list, are you really gonna get all/most of them?
  6. I will get as many as I can. :nuts: The good thing about the list is that the Valentines stuff will be out in another week, the dentelle stuff is due out by the end of February and the denim wallets are due out by April (Per my SA) which means I have time in between to "recoup" funds for the next round!!! :idea:
  7. Does anyone have a date for the dentelle release. I hear Feb 15 and then the SA @ LV says April, but the lookbook says Feb 20. :confused1:
  8. The pomme d'amour envelope! But I donno if I'll be able to afford her :sad:
  9. The pomme d'amour heart purse, my SA said it's a must have.
  10. I'm waitlisted for the Dentelle pochette and they told me Feb 20th. They're probably going off the date in the lookbook.
  11. Pomme heart and Pomme inclustion bracelet for now.
  12. I'd already on the waitlist for Vernis Heart Cles & Vernis telephone strap in Framboise and plan to be on the waitlist for the Dentelle BH.

    Anyway, do you know that the Mono Dentelle will be up on eLux website or waitlist only??
  13. I love to see waitlists like that!!

    1. The pink vernis heart
    2. The dentelle batignolles horizontal
    3. The hole-wedge shoes
    4. The white epi noe and soufflout (need to decide which one)
    5. The LVoe tee
    6. The beige quilted hobo bag
  14. nothing thank goodness.
  15. The pomme d 'amour heart coin purse and the LVOE satin tote in violet.
    Also want the envelope plate in framboise.:drool:
    Can't wait to see pics of your stuff when you get it.:nuts: