What are you using your heart purse for?

  1. There are so many lovely pictures of the heart purse. What are you using it for? For a charm, or are people actually filling it up?
  2. Hey Colleen, Did you get to any LVs yesterday? I took the day off today so I may drive in to Ala Moana if I have the time. I hear that LeSportsac also has the new Tokidoki prints so I'll check there and LV.
  3. Haha, 3 Hawaii girls in 1 thread :smile:

    I was at Ala Moana yesterday... LeSportsac had a bunch of Tokidoki stuff! And LV, well.. we won't talk about that again. >.<
  4. Did you get anything? Should I even make the treck into town (I live in Mililani). By the way, loving the thread you started about the no hearts. Your posts crack me up!
  5. Hi Riley,

    I didn't get to the LVs yesterday, but I had resigned myself to the fact that the heart wasn't going to be available because I only got on the waitlist a few days ago. I decided that the pomme cles would be more practical and I actually searched the forum for your pics with the speedy to show my husband. He said that he liked the cles, but if I liked the heart better, to get the heart. Then he told me that we're going to the Waikiki LV tomorrow.

    I saw our caller ID had a call from LV last night. Either he's totally blown me away, or he just has no idea about waiting lists....
  6. Honestly... it's so hit or miss with the SAs. I've had really great luck with Michelle from the Waikiki store. She is sweet and has an amazing memory!!
  7. I didn't go into LeSportsac... just saw a lot of Tokidoki from the windows!

    Ah, I'm all the way out in MAKAHA. :sad: Ala Moana is like 1 -1.5 hours for me. (But close on the days that I go to UH).

    Do you guys ever feel you get substandard service/sometimes ignored compared to Japanese tourists in the Ala Moana location?
  8. I've actually never been to the Waikiki store... maybe I should try it out.
  9. Anyone can answer the original question please? If someone has a picture with things in it would be appreciated.
  10. No, I can't BECAUSE I DON'T ******* HAVE ONE!

    :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

  11. Kinky: Makaha? holy cow! There's another TPF in Kapolei and she called me yday to check if I made it to Ala Moana.

    Colleen: I hope you got the call! Will keep my fingers crossed! (We also have all three LV numbers in our cell phones!)
  12. BUT... if/when I do get one, it will just be a charm (nothing inside).
  13. I hope they go ahead and build that supermall they've been talking about in Kapolei. WITH an LV. Wouldn't that be nice!?
  14. I work in Kapolei if they did that it would be over...I would never go back to work after lunch and get fired! LOL
  15. LOL!

    Hey - have you guys ever had a Hawaii meet up?