What Are You Thoughts On This Louis Vuitton?

  1. I belive she is a credible seller. She is a mypoupette seller and has a ton of happy customers, but how is it that any of her clients are wanting to sell an untouched bag that has only been out for 3-4 months?

    Here is the link:

    eBay: LOUIS VUITTON monogram purse LOCKIT bag FRANCE perfect (item 320045171458 end time Nov-12-06 19:00:00 PST)

    Is there something that I am missing here? Are these poupette sellers Louis Vuitton employees and get a crazy discount that they can sell these new bags? I just dont get it.

    Oh and I am also dedicating this thread on advice as to whether or not I should get the Lockit like the one above or the Speedy 30. I would love to hear from everyone!

  2. I'd generally trust mypoupette sellers. I've never had a problem buying from them. But, if you do buy it, to protect yourself make sure that you buy the item with a credit card. If you have a problem it will be easier to get your money back.

    Whether you get the Lockit or the Speedy 30 I think depends on where you are in your collection. The Speedy is timeless and you'll have it for decades without getting sick of it. The Lockit is gorgeous but is a little trendier. In the end, it's all about your own personal style and what fits best.
  3. the whole mypoupette sellers selling BRAND NEW bags makes me wonder thats why when i buy my first piece it will be from elux.+
  4. I've bought from her a number of times...would recommend. I think she has access to inside inventory. Maybe a family member. She is all above board.
  5. I was bamboozed by a mypoupette seller and am jaded!
    even though she has a label -- my poupette.
    Its smart of you to check it out.

    This bag looks good She seems to have trustable history.
    Good luck!
  6. Thanks for all the advice. As for my collection, I tried to put a picture on here so that you could see... But it is small so maybe you wont be able to see. The extent of my Louis Vuittons are 2 epi pochettes (black, red), the monogram pochette, vernis reade, mini denim pleaty, vernis spring street. I dont really have a big Louis. They are all pretty small bags. So I was going to get a larger one. I think that the general consensus is for the Speedy 30. I think that is the one that I will choose. I will probably buy from eLuxury, because I feel like the Speedy 30's are easy to fake. And I definitely dont want a fake bag at all. (p.s. that lockit sold really quick)
  7. I also had a probelms with a MyPoupette seller's. Items not being as described. Also a few other ones I purchased from the bags stunk of mildew and moth balls. Be careful whoever you purchase from.
  8. those bags are fake!:shocked: