what are you thoughts on this bag?

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  1. DSC00222.JPG

    its very big, i have been offered it, its 2008 bag so what should i expect to come with it? light dustbag, care cards? hologram?
    please help x
    thank you
  2. I would normally expect a hologram sticker with it on the date code tag, plastic card with hologram, light dustbag and new style care card, if it is a very early 2008 bag, maybe it comes with all the old style things...
  3. thanks brigitte,
    should the authenticity card match anything? like the hologram in the bag?
  4. I just PMed you!
  5. I just bought the smaller version of this bag - it came with the lighter new colour dust bag and cards, and the hologram on back of tag in pocket matches hologram on plastic card. Hope that helps :smile:
  6. I like the bag!
  7. I like the snap style, I think it looks really cute in the smaller size, and just lovely in this larger size :yes:

    No idea what cards or things it should come with though sorry!
  8. im all new to the 2008 bags!
    its quite a big bag, travel size i think??
  9. Lovely bag :heart:, but I think it´s too big for me...I´m very petite and it would seem that I wear a suitcase :roflmfao:.
  10. im quite small to 5'2 and a size 8, i think it will be huge!!
    maybe i could live in it!!
  11. I tried on one similar to this in Chloe, Singapore today. Is that the one with the long shoulder strap? I tried it on in black and a lovely blue colour but prefer the tradition paddy.
  12. TBH im not sure, i think so
  13. the size is
    43cm wide x 35cm high x 15cm depth
  14. :shocked::shocked::shocked:...very big for me...:hrmm:...a suitcase...;).
  15. i go away a lot at weekend so maybe it would be good for that?
    its quite a large bag!