What are you thoughts on living close to power lines and EMF?

  1. Hi all, my partner and I are in the market for a new home and we found a home that we LOVE, but there is a high voltage power line right in front of it. You can hear a sizzling noise when it's humid, which is pretty freaky. The magnetic field inside the house ranges from 5-10 mG, which may not sound like much, but at our current apartment it's 0 mG.

    I suspect this is why the home has been on the market for so long. Anyway, does anyone live near a high voltage line and have a bad experience, health problems, etc? I'm afraid if we have kids, that would be a bad thing for little ones. Part of me thinks that if it were a bad thing then they wouldn't build houses so close, but then again, that doesn't always mean anything.
  2. I personally would not do it. My mother was very active in environmental causes & always said bad things about power lines. If you go out to one & hold a light bulb near it, it glows!

    One, I would not care to look at it and two, I would be paranoid about health complications. I know I would blaim every little "happening" on the power lines.

    I figure we have enough environmental hazards on a daily basis, I would not feel comfortable "signing-up" for another one, KWIM?

    Good luck!
  3. I wouldn't do it! It's not worth a potential risk of some unknown in the future....another house will come along:smile:
  4. Better not. 5-10mG is enough to cause interference sometimes, and the potential health problems have not yet been investigated thoroughly.
  5. I wouldn't do it, but you probably wouldn't have to pay for pest control!
  6. A few years back, we found THE PERFECT HOUSE...except it was RIGHT near power lines and decided not to get it due to that...we bought a house that we kinda liked but we are still very comfortable! :]
  7. I would avoid it just because there is a lot of controversy out there which could make it hard to resell the home in the future.
  8. ^^ ITA. I grew up in a house near humming power lines at least in the far back yard area...hmmm maybe that explains a few things, LOL.
  9. I personally wouldn't even live there if I was given the home for free. My mom is paranoid and always says those things can cause cancer. Whether that is true or not, I'd rather not take the risk. I think you should go look at other houses.
  10. I wouldn't buy it!! My dad died of a brain tumor and there's been studies that link brain tumors to these.
  11. I wouldn't do it either. Me and my bf are house hunting and we found one we absolutely love but we hate the fact that theres a pole in the backyard for the electricity. We also thought about the same thing when we have kids what if one of the wires falls and the kids are out there. So that really bothered us and theres no way they'll remove it. We also hated the fact that if a neighbor has a problem with the electricity the company will have to send technicians to work on the problem in what would be our yard so we def didn't like that either.

    Its just not worth it...don't worry there are plenty of houses out there. We're still looking.
  12. I wouldnt do it. Not only because of the potential health problems. But you might have a problem selling it in the future.
  13. Don't do it. I learned in a class in college that every time you pass under a power line, you get a dose of radiation. Can you imagine how much radiation you'd be induced if you were living under one? Also, when I was in practice before having a child, I would ask my patients who had benign tumors on their foreheads (including a very good friend) if there was a power line close by their neighborhood ( I thought it would be interesting to find out if there was a correlation). This sounds frightening but they ALL said yes. Also, I asked if anyone had leukemia in their family and a few also said yes. What bugs me is that I sometimes see cities that build playgrounds right under the power lines. UGH! That is so wrong!
  14. Don't due it, you really will not know the long term health risks and I would never want to be pregnant or raise a baby near one. Also think about how it would be next to impossible to sell the house if you wanted to move.
  15. There is alot of research done about this very thing. Cancer rates have been high in nieghborhoods that have powerlines so close to homes. My father was a lineman for Water & Power for 30 years. He climbed these towers every day. He used to have a big lump beneath his left arm that never turned into anything, thank God and said other guys in the department had similar growths. I don't know how many guys if any developed cancer from the job (I know alot of guys died falling off these things). That would be interesting to know. But no, I would opt not to live near these things.