What Are You Thinking Of Buying This Weekend.

  1. I know I leave a lot of posts here, but you guys seem to be just like me as far as buying nice things:biggrin:

    Today or tomorrow I want to get a coach wallet, coach shoes, some true relegion jeans, and some paige jeans.[​IMG][​IMG]the black ones.

    What are you guys thinking of getting this weekend. Post pictures if you can.
  2. Black Ferragamo purse. I saw it in the Ferragamo store, but haven't seen it on any web sites yet nor in Neiman or Saks. I really REALLY don't need another purse, but it's lovely, it's leather, and it's $580, which isn't bad at all for a Ferragamo. Poor credit card.....
  3. Go for it--you only live once.
  4. Nothing :suspiciou I haven't found a Balenciaga white City yet, and I want to buy these beautiful Coach shoes I saw in Lucky magazine the other day, or that pair of Chanel sunglasses I keep obsessing over, but I also want to hold off, since my birthday is only a couple of months away and the bf is already asking what I want. I also have to buy him his birthday present, so I guess I shouldn't spend any money :shame:

    Those wedges are cute, naturale!
  5. I was thinking about buying a new wallet for myself...I'm still trying to decide whether I should go Gucci or Coach?
  6. Nothing. I'm saving up for my next major bag purchase. It may be a Balenciaga City, or a Damier Alma or some other lovely I haven't met yet. :amuse:
  7. I know--is hard for me to find shoes that I really like and on that price range so I should hurry up and grab them. Which coach shoes do you want--see if their website have them and post them. Good luck finding your Balenciaga.
  8. a money tree ....
  9. Groceries !
  10. LOL
  11. I just purchase the Damier Alma a few week ago. Love it.
  12. No plans per se, but I often find ways to get a little retail therapy even unplanned!
  13. I love these in periwinkle/baby blue: http://www.coach.com/aspx/content/product.aspx?product_no=7916&category_id=159&easyask_id=

    I've been wanting to find a pair of peep toes for a while now. I saw the ad in Lucky, and fell in love :love:
  14. I want new sunglasses, I usually use Maui Jim's for everyday but I want something more stylish...but I like polarized lens, and I haven't found any stylish polarized ones.