What are you suppose to be doing when you are on Purse Blog?

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  1. Noriko's statement that she is in class right now made me think of this thread. I'm sure we are all suppose to be doing something else while we are checking out the blog or on the forum!

    I am suppose to be working on the laptop. You have to have fun while you're working, right? I work from home, so no one to monitor or know that I'm not staying on task!
  2. haha yes I am in class and I'm soooo not supposed to be just posting on PB now :biggrin: If I werent doing this I'd be daydreaming about my SA though, so I wouldnt be productive either way.
  3. I'm at work right now, but feel like I need to check the forum at least once an hour :embarasse .
  4. ^^^werd, I feel like I live here :biggrin:
  5. I am new to the site, I only discovered it yesterday when I was researching My Flat in London bags. I am at work, but I handle a lot of sensitive material so my screen is not easily viewable by others, so I could sit on here all day :P
  6. I'm always supposed to study... Right now, I'm going to start studying for my final tomorrow. Just finnished preparing for my presentation ALSO for tomorrow. The week after thxgiving is just brutal for me :sad2:
  7. i'm constantly here while in school..at home....when i should be studying for my finals...it's a procrastinator's dream.....now if only i could make myself do something that's actually productive.....:wacko:
  8. Right now I'm at home, I'm usually at work when I post :embarasse Try to keep my posting to a minimum unless I'm on lunch and surfing the Web.
  9. I'm an at-home Mommy -- a total misnomer, by the way! I either have at-home days and I'm on the Forum all the time, or I have crazy days (like today) and I only manage it once the kiddies are in bed.
  10. Calculus 3, physics for engineers, engineering enterprise, engineering practice, or art history. Why'd I pick industrial engineering as my major I will never know. I think it partly had to do with all the money I would be making pretty soon after graduation....and how the only things I am good at are maths and sciences.:Push:
  11. sometimes when i'm on campus and one of my classes ends early i check it at the 'Student Learning Center" which is a huge building in the middle of campus with about a million computers. it's brand new and at least half marble and granite - so pretty. other than that, usually when i should be studying - which is right now (modern african lit test tomorrow - blah)
  12. Same here...I love my at-home days. Stayed in my jammies until 4pm yesterday. :amazed:
  13. Well, right now I'm supposed to be writing an essay on the Montreal Protocol and the measurement of restricted chemicals. But I love handbags more - shame I can't do a degree in that! LOL!
  14. Jammies 'till 4 is a no-no for me. My middle school age son would be HORRIFIED if I took him to school that way! We live in the city, no hiding in the car, we walk. But that doesn't stop me from coming home, taking off my clothes and getting back into bed! That's the plan for today after my Pilates class -- NAP!
  15. I'm one of two people who actually doesn't have to feel awful for being here 24/7. lol

    j/k ladies, there is nothing wrong with spending all day here, I promise. :cool: