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  1. I’ve thought about it that too. My first LV purchase was a mon monogram GM NF six years ago. I don’t use the bag as much anymore, really just as a carryon for travel, but it’s still one of my favorite bags. Always get compliments when I use it. Thought about getting a mini pochette to match although they would rarely be used together.
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  2. Three weeks is fast! Did you do your initials or a stripe on the outside or just the lining?
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  3. Think I’m going to just order as I want to get in their before the Christmas rush and it does take longer to make the mon monogram pieces
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  4. Here’s a photo - I was surprised too! Good luck.
  5. I'm going to be returning an ivory jungle ZCP if anyone wants the store info :smile:
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  6. Why did you decide to return? Too much?
  7. How kind. I seem to remember you were on the fence about jungle items but I bet someone will love it. I love how everyone looks out for each other here!

    PS I have that exact same piece and I absolutely love it. It is a perfect small wallet and for some reason the flower on the white side reminds me of Woodstock! Not that I was there just the vibe
  8. I’m swapping for the black which matches my home NFL team.
  9. I was going to ask why until I saw your response. :biggrin: I have the black double zip and I love it so much. Glad you are able to get it in noir. :smile:
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  10. Cool!
  11. It's special to have it personalized
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  12. Thank you! I went a little different with it. I chose Cream and Black stripes with a fuchsia interior. Wish I had done a green interior now. LOL
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  13. Love! I would also do bleu clair for my interior. Love that color blue.
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  14. Are you a Cincinnati Bengal's fan?
  15. Ohh congrats DT! May I ask what colours you chose?
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