What are you stalking today?

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  1. Yes, that would be great! Thank you.
  2. Thank you for the number. It was a different 513 number that I called this morning, but unfortunately it still kicks you into the general LV helpline. I talked to a different CA this time. It's so funny, because you get such a run around. At first she was checking about the Saks store in Cincinnati and she would email them. I told her that according to the website it says closed and isn't there a store in Kenwood (according to the map). Oh yes, she checked and said something maybe being 1 left but then they don't take phone orders since it's in high demand. I actually get that as I'm sure the store will sell it easily. Anyway, she claimed to email the Kenwood store for me (not totally convinced they actually email for you). Think I need to up my persistent game as she said she has people calling daily. I just don't have that time. For what it's worth, she did say they restock this frequently and she has often seen it between 5-7 pm EST. I haven't seen anything for the past week and half but will keep watching for now....

    Thank you everyone for helping and the PM!
  3. Just sent you another PM
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  4. Love your Favorite and your shirt!! Congrats on your new addition!
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  5. @lwwpdx i was in the same boat. A tip for these hard to get items.…90% of the time, I shop at my Bloomingdale's LV because I can reach the store directly through the directory.
    Try calling an LV located inside of Saks or Bloomingdale's around 10:10 - 10:30am once stores have gone through new stock. (Personally, I have never had a good experience with Neiman Marcus)
    If you luck out with a nice CA, they can look through the catalog to see what stores have the item you're seeking.
    They are almost always 98% accurate that early in the day.
    I was able to get a Mini Pochette in DE from the Bloomingdale's LV in San Francisco last Thursday and was able to get a Mini Pochette in Mono today from Saks in Miami by calling.
    You have greater luck calling these stores ILO the free standing LVs.
    For some reason, Client Services can't see local store inventories on these HTF items.
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  6. Just sent you a private convo with my CAs info.
  7. The double zip pochette jungle. Hoping it comes back online, all the others are there, even the red/pink one.:sad: I dislike stalking websites.
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  8. Good luck. :smile:
    I had secured that lovely piece at 8:19pm EST on 8/2. :smile: I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw it available online. :biggrin:
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  9. Omg. Pa mono
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  10. Favorite MM in DE AND DA AVAILABLE
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  11. PM reverse place in cart USA
  12. Thanks for sharing your success story:flowers:.. it gives a small amount of hope, lol
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  13. was just able to order the jungle zcp noir. then it showed unavailable. for those trying to purchase this, keep watching, it might pop up again. now if only the nf would show up.
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  14. Good for you! I am getting so much mixed info about the Neverfull, including that there will be no more inventory
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