What are you stalking today?

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  1. I just checked but only 26 in place in cart us
  2. curious. has anyone been able to "chat with an advisor" in like the last week? As I stalk I keep clicking on it to message with someone and it keeps spinning around then telling me no one is available. I'm too lazy to call.
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  3. I did earlier today. I waited about 5 minutes for someone to be available.
  4. @LemonDrop it said place in cart but when I clicked it, it was already out of stock. Thanks for alerting me! I’ll keep an eye out at 12:30am later
  5. Randomly refreshed my wishlist and the coin card holder in jaune is available again!
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  6. I'm in Canada so no luck here. I called them as well cause during checkout it said my credit card wasn't authorized & it was because there wasn't anything to checkout anymore.
  7. Reverse OTG available at LV in Neiman’s in San Diego.
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  8. Saw the OTG in the brown/dark brown colorway at Valley Fair in San Jose just now!
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  9. Swoon.
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  10. My CA has a mono bumbag for US only. Please PM with first name and number if interested. Will only hold for an hr. Thank you.
  11. For US only, my CA has a mono Felicie, TP 26, PM mono, and Favorite MM DE. PM with first name and number if interested.
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  12. All bum bags are place in cart on Canada site giant and regular mono.
  13. I sent you a PM -thank you!
  14. Sent you a pm. Thanks!
  15. Hi Guys, just quick 2 questions:

    1. Is there any body in Australia who snag OTG reverse? Store or online?
    2. Any suggestions for a bag that can fit a 13" laptop aside from OTG and neverfull?

    Thanks in advance.