What are you stalking today?

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  1. Congrats, you earned it!! Post pics when you get your fabulous bag! And yes anxiety about UPS is HUGE when signature is required. I’ve stalked things for a few months, one was the LE pink neverfull, so I expect limited availability. And I did get it eventually, but after a brief period when it popped up 5 or 6 times it’s gone gone gone. But for popular items I do wish for more availability (as most of us do or we wouldn’t be here!)
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  2. So I'm not the only one with UPS issues, that's a relief. Oddly enough when they delivered my lost luggage they phoned ahead but this guy didn't phone, just updated the status to unable to deliver. I do have an LV store in my city but it's somewhat inconveniently located so I'm going to try for scheduled delivery next time.
  3. I know UPS here does not phone ahead for signature deliveries. I do belong to my choice UPS, which often gives you a tighter delivery window estimate. Sometimes even I can actually follow the driver on a map, but not so far with LV. It’s a waiting game at every level huh
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  4. Coin Card Holder in Jaune available!!!

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  5. Just placed my order for the coin card holder in jaune! I'm so excited! I've been stalking it for what feels like FOREVER and I randomly went on the website this morning and noticed that it was available! :biggrin::yahoo:
  6. It is a great piece! I got mine in May, and haven’t switched out of it yet. Congratulations!
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  7. Had it in my cart & couldn’t check out :sad:
  8. You’re welcome and I’ll keep checking. This really is a great bag. I’ve been carrying mine daily for over two months except last Saturday when I decided to give it a break. Couldn’t wait to move back into it that night.
  9. I’m glad you are enjoying your PM. I’m going to keep trying. I’ve never purchased a brand new handbag from LV. All my bags have been great pre-loved items. Hopefully the PM will be my first!
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  10. Ugh I keep missing this
  11. Fingers crossed! I refresh periodically for you and others with different items as I’m online today :flowers:
  12. Aww sorry to hear that. Try checking around 12:30am. It was add to bag around 12:40am last nyt and stayed up for a good 15 mins before it changed back to call for availability. If I happen to be up again around that time and it becomes available will definitely mention you in the post to let you know :smile:
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  13. My brother tried getting it this morning online but it sold out before he could add it to his cart! He then called customer service and he was able to purchase one from the 5th Avenue store over the phone. Online it's showing that a few stores in California and one in Vegas have it in stock. I recommend calling customer service and placing an order through a store that has one available!
  14. @baninny it's available again on US site
  15. Stalking the TP15
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