What are you stalking today?

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  1. Thank you!
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  2. Zippy coin with rose ballerine is place in cart
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  3. TP 26 add to bag now!

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  4. PA mono also add to bag now!

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  5. PA mono place in cart!
  6. TP 26 is still add to bag
  7. PA azur place in cart!

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  8. Pochette Métis, place in cart
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  9. Wake up. Place in cart
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  10. I woke up 30 minutes later. Thanks for trying.
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  11. Palm Springs mini reverse mono add to cart in US site
  12. Thank you!! :smile:
  13. Argh, it would not let me complete the payment, it was in my cart so many times, kept refreshing, nothing, very frustrating, in Canada and the DA one was place in cart as well.
  14. So I've been silently stalking this thread and I figured I would share! I'm happy to report I purchased the Pochette Metis Monogram on Tuesday night! I've been looking for the bag for 2 years - last year I was told I was put on a wait list, but soon realized they never put me on one since they only took my email :doh: A few weeks ago I talked to an SA who was very kind, and after talking with her about her thoughts on preloved, she insisted that I could get the bag in a month or two on their waitlist.

    Of course, still being persistent and wanting it NOW, I decided to go the online route with the help of my husband. It's crazy what we'll go through to get a bag! Regardless, it's coming today (I missed the UPS guy yesterday - THE WORST) and I literally am waiting by the door! I'll post pics when I receive!

    BTW - How many bags do you find yourself stalking a year like this? Working on something that may help you ladies, and this information would be super helpful!
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  15. You need to chose PayPal has your payment option. I had the exact same problem and it was stuck in my cart until I chose to pay with PayPal. Good luck!