What are you stalking today?

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  1. Anyone have any tips on stalking online for an item?
    I’ve been checking for the past 2 months and have had no luck at all. Thanks.
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  2. Same - but I am looking for the one with caramel leather.
  3. I’d like advice on this as well. I am sick to death of seeing CFA on the monogram Melie. But I refuse to give up! ;)
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  4. I just got a Toiletry Pouch 26 on the US website two days ago and it will be here Friday! I just went online one night and clicked and it said “add to bag” I did and now I have a tracking number. Unreal - they say that it’s hard to get.

    It’s so wierd because they said that a Mono Pochette Metis was hard to get and one night - BAM it’s “add to bag”. That happened a quite few months back. I guess lightening does strike twice!
  5. I'm stalking the cles pouch in DE. I was able to put it in my cart several times in the past few weeks and by the time I want to pay it's unavailable again. Very annoying.
    I'd also like to have a Favorite MM DE and a reverse monogram Pochette Metis. But ibdont think I'll be successful with those.
  6. I first stalked the site for the Favorite PM in DE; once it was available, I snatched it up. However, after receiving it, it wasn’t for me so I returned it. :biggrin:

    Then a few days ago I was eyeing the Alma BB in DE. Once it became available, I snatched that up —— you have to be quick, no hesitation. I received it yesterday and love it. :loveeyes:

    Not stalking anything right now.
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  7. why was the favorite not your favorite? Was because the PM is too small? Alma BB is adorable too.
  8. Yeah that was it. Would’ve probably preferred the MM size but that too is never available!
    Although the Alma BB is small, it’s a completely different type bag, which I believe holds a bit more. :smile:
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  9. I think I want a Mono Neverfull GM...I could get a DE right now, but I just love the mono.
  10. I’m stalking the reverse Cannes, Bento box, and Georges B.B. peche
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  11. A bit OT: why is everyone into the toiletry pouches? I had the small and medium, years ago. I ended up selling them to a stripper, so she could use it as a clutch and stage prop!
  12. Stalking all Pochette Accessories + Toiletry Pouch............ Can't even be put on the wait list anymore....... *sigh*
  13. What time of the day are you seeing the Pochette Metis available? I have been stalking and no luck. How long were you stalking the item? I just want to get my strategy down. :smile: LOL
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  14. Mini pochette in mono lol
  15. Saw one 8:37pm cst on a Sunday a week or so ago. Check back that day and time.