What are you stalking today?

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  1. FYI:
    Friday I saw two of the DE mini pochette at the LV store in Valley Fair mall in San Jose, CA.
    I hope you find one of these beauties
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  2. PA in monogram.... I've been stalking here and there for the past few days ..no luck maybe I need to try harder. My SA Said he would try an order one. Fingers crossed either way!
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  4. Clemence wallet in DE with red interior. Now that I’ve made up my mind to buy one in DE I’m obsessed.
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  5. :lol: It does feel like an obsession doesn’t it?
  6. Haha, For sure!
  7. [​IMG]

    This new beauty! :heart:
  8. Couldn’t agree with you more. I have had two bags sent to me with obvious defects. This NEVER used to happen. I also refuse to accept items that are made poorly. I still am a LV fan—just way more cautious
  9. I’m stalking the round coin purse today
  10. The Trunk Clutch in Black Epi :love: On ban island but I cannot stop lusting over it :crybaby:
  11. The universe is in hate with me... 2 of my unicorns are available for sale in EUC for really good deals (both bags are no longer produced), and I’m stuck on ban island. :crybaby:
  12. Coin Purse
    Mini Pochette
    Cosmetic Pouch
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  13. OMG I've been stalking the coin purse for days and it just popped up on the site. Ordered!!!
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  14. Been stalking the PA in Mono for a month. Just popped up and order is in preparation!!!
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  15. After returning a less than perfect Azur Favorite MM and being told the style is being discontinued so the store is not sure if they will receive another one, I am now stalking the website...