What are you stalking today?

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  1. I spent weeks stalking the Delightful MM mono, but I cannot find it in brand new condition anywhere. I love the delightful and found the Graceful just didn’t excite me in the same way. I decided to go with the Delightful MM DA with rose ballerina lining since it has been discontinued. I figure I better get it before it’s gone too. It took me hours yesterday for LV cs to locate it in a Saks willing to sell to a first time LV buyer. Note to self: Never order a handbag late on a Friday afternoon. With overnight shipping, I have to wait until Tuesday to receive my bag. Which means I may have to stalk my fedex driver Tuesday morning. Until then I’m stalking the internet for everything I can read and see on my Azur.
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  2. I did this for about a year. I got tired of every single item that I wanted being “call for availability”. Or going into boutiques to get a mish mash of info about whether an item was even being made anymore. I have a new key situation and really needed something, so I didn’t mind spending 2 weeks of my life stalking a cles pochette. But, in general all this unavailability has really soured me to LV. I don’t have time to stalk, to develop a personal relationship with an SA, to get in a frenzy about a new peice. I’m glad I have a lot of classic pieces that fit my needs. Because while I love LV product, I am over this new shee shee foo foo, hard to find, marketing crap.
  3. My SA was able to find me a MIF key pouch and MIF speedy b30 DE. But if I am going to break my bag ban for anything, it’s going to be for an MIF speedy b25 DE.
  4. Well, thankfully LV sent me a replacement of the Graceful MM in DE, so there's really not anything I'm stalking at the moment. If anything though, I'm dying to see a picture on the Graceful MM in DA!
  5. just curious as to the differences of bags made in france vs made in usa?
  6. something on Tradesy..........a vintage Viva Cite.....
  7. I am stalking the Favorite MM AND the Pochette Accessoires. Not having much luck these days :yucky::yucky:
  8. don't give up on the PA!! i was able to snag a mono PA 1-2 weeks ago by stalking like every 10 mins after midnight :biggrin: (and with the help of a TPF member notifying a thread)
  9. I was stalking the stores to see the LV star magnet in person, but no luck. Decided to order one today, before I miss out!
  10. I’m currently stalking car stuff. I have the sales manager at my dealership checking to see if he can get me a Swarovski crystal hood badge.
  11. Hi LemonDrop, I agree, the lack of availability is frustrating, I can be patient if I really want something, but the declining quality is something I can't work with.
    Luckily you have a lot of classic pieces you enjoy, using our solid classic pieces sounds more satisfying than stalking the website just to be disappointed.
    Those still building their collections, there's still beautiful items to be had, don't give up, good luck stalking and check your items thoroughly before deciding to keep. Happy shopping! :wave:
  12. Thank you for the tip. I am not sure I would have thought to go over my bag so carefully. It’s sad that I need to do that. I know I don’t with other designers.
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  13. Yes, sadly we have to check all items carefully, I don't know why this is happening, they're rushing production or something ?? At the end of the day we have to be happy with our purchases, I refuse to be stuck with a defective or unaligned item. Once you find a good LV item they're beautiful and durable, so don't give up trying :smile:
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  15. DE Mini Pouchette