What are you stalking today?

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  1. I'm looking for a Flowers XVIII BB Bandeau, Toiletries 26, Pochette Accessories and Mini Pochette. It's a long shot but I would love to find an Essential Mini Trunk.
  2. I was able to purchase a mini pochette in DE late last night and I just checked and there’s one available now on the US site.
  3. Interesting. I finally was able to grab a cles pochette in DA. The day of the price increase all of a sudden stalked items start showing up.

    I’m still excited. I hope mine isn’t canceled either as it’s already back to “call for availablity”.
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  4. Awesome! Thanks for letting me know! I have one in DE and love it! I am stalking a Monogram version. :smile:
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  5. Mine shipped. It’s real. :yahoo:
  6. Waiting for a NF MM in DE
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  7. I'm debating on either a Graceful MM (the impossible dream haha) or a South Bank Besace. I texted my SA yesterday and he was going to check stock and hold whatever they had, so I'll swing by the store later to make my decision! Probably entirely based on what is available.
  8. An Alma PM or MM in Monogram. Can’t believe it’s out of stock. It wasn’t a few weeks ago, and of course, now that I’m ready to buy it - it’s out of stock. I may go for an Artsy instead...
  9. I was stalking the German website about 5 times a day and even 3 times in the night for nearly 7 weeks to get a Rosalie coin purse in Monogram Fuchsia and the key pouch in DA, no chance at all.... The day before the price increase I finally gave up and ordered the key pouch in DE. Still dreaming about it in DA, sigh....
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  10. Palm Springs PM! I'm waiting for a new condition (!) Jungle Dots one to be delivered from Fashionphile but would probably send it back if I could score the plain mono. Then again, I might fall in love with the colors for summer...
  11. Eek! Just called the 866 number on a whim to see if they could locate a Palm Springs PM and they were able to preorder me one when new stock arrives within the next week! Might be worthwhile to do the same for you folks!
  12. Just got the PM Mono on the US website. I bought it once and sent in back because an SA was able to get me a Palm Spring Mini Reverse so I went with that. I love that bag but still wanted the PM Mono, so now it will be on its way back to me :heart:
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  13. Delightful MM in Damier Azure Rose Ballerine and Gracefull MM Monogram Beige are re-stocked and available online as of 7pm tonight in case anyone had their eye on one.
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  14. So I finally located an epi Sarah, unfortunately the epi material has changed, it's not soft and pliable with deep grooves like my other epi items :tdown: it was stiff, a little plasticky with shallow gooves, also not as black as my epi French wallet :sad:
    I didn't like this material at all. My SA was lovely, she said she had noticed the change and she'll be on the lookout for a better one but I shouldn't buy this one if I didn't love it. It didn't feel luxurious to me and I didn't buy it.
    I really regret not buying this wallet before, I'm not crazy about all these changes. I think I'm going to stop buying for a while and just enjoy the few pieces I own.
    Good luck everyone with your stalking, I hope you all get the items you want :wave:
  15. I'm stalking the Pochette Accessoires NM in Monogram... I've already called the store about it to make the order, but I was told that they will do whatever is in their power to complete my order, but with empty stock there is a chance it won't be done. I'm still hoping I might get it, but I'm a little mad at myself at waiting so long to make the order... :sad:

    I'm also stalking the page for Pochette Metis in Monogram Reverse. When I first saw it I hated it and thought it too laud, but somehow, it really grew on me lately. I'm a bit back and forth with it. I haven't quite make up my mind about it yet, but then I also hear it's pretty hard to get here in Europe...
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