What are you stalking today?

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  1. I think I picked free expedited but I wasn’t sure what that meant. It says, “order in preparation “, but it’s said that most of the day. Hopefully, that’s a good sign ☺️ Thank you for responding!

    Okay, thank you! That’s a good point. I ordered it at like 11pm last night. Thank you for the help!
  2. I think it probably will go out tomorrow....:smile:
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  3. My last two online orders are as follows:
    Ebene strap shipped from NJ
    Key Pouch shipped from Ontario
  4. Oh nooooooo! I missed it but will be more diligent in my stalking now.
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  5. I think they may be extremely busy wtth Valentines day coming up, I ordered yesterday morning (I'm in Australia) and it didn't get shipped until late this afternoon
  6. Favorite MM DE! US site
  7. Cosmetic pouch PM in de is place on cart, us site
  8. Still there
  9. Thank you! It did end up shipping early this morning. It will arrive 2/14 ;). Thank you!
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  10. It did! At about 2:00 am in the email came in :smile:
  11. Definitely keep stalking, especially today since it’s the last day for guaranteed Valentine’s Day shipping in the US. I wouldn’t be surprised if more products got pushed out today. We’ll keep an eye out. Good luck!!
  12. It’s always encouraging to know someone else has seen it available at least. It means that they’re out there! Good luck!
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  13. its available!!!
  14. Favorite MM in DE and reverse PM available!
  15. Palms Springs PM & MM available.